Landlocked (and More)

The Beach Boys

Polyphone PH 1303
Sound Quality A
Value A

1. Loop de Loop (Wilson/Jardine)
2. Susie Cincinnati
3. San Miguel
4. H.E.L.P. is on the Way
5. Take a load off your feet
6. Over the Waves (Ivanivici)
7. I just got my pay
8. Sound of Free (Dennis Wilson)
9. Child of Winter
10. It's about Time
11. Tears in the Morning
12. Good Time
13. Big Sur
14. Lady
15. When Girls get Together
16. Looking at Tomorrow
17. Till I die
18. Life is for the Living
19. Hey Little Tomboy
20. Deep Purple
21. It's Over now
22. Everyone wants to live
23. Mony Mony
24. Ruby Baby

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