The Beach Boys

Silver Rarities; SIRA 151
This cd include tracks from 1968 to 1970. I think there are some very interesting and never released before on other bootlegs tracks. I found very interesting "Cease To Exist", the real Charles Manson version and "Barbara" by Dennis. Some others are the same version of "American Band" video; weird is "It's About Time". The value of this cd depend of what you already have on your collection.

- Ste -

Sound Quality: 8
Overall Value: 7
Format: CD

1) Here Comes the Night #1
2) Here Comes the Night #2
3) Here Comes the Night #3
4) Here Comes the Night #4
5) Here Comes the Night #5
6) Here Comes the Night #6
7) Here Comes the Night #7
8) Here Comes the Night #8 (Title 1-8: tracks and vocal overdubs etc. from "Wild Honey" LP sessions)
9) With A Little Help From My Friends (Same version released on "Rarities" LP)
10) The Letter (From "Rarities" LP)
11) I Was Made To Love Her (From "Rarities" LP)
12) With A Little Help From My Friends (Speed corrected version, faster)
13) Do It Again (Ed Sullivan Show 1968)
14) Good Vibrations (Ed Sullivan Show 1968)
15) Cease To Exist (Charles Manson)
16) Never Learn Not To Love (Beach Boys single version of track 15)
17) Bluebird Over The Mountain (Dutch 7" version with overdub)
18) Time To Get Alone (Rough mix
19) Rock And Roll Woman (Live at Brighton Dome 5/30/69)
20) Breakaway (Live in Czechislovakia)
21) It's About Time (Drum track)
22) Tears In The Morning (Different vocal, lyric and mix)
23) My Solution (Outtake recorded "Halloween" 10/31/70)
24) Musical Parts (Dennis Wilson- itroduced by Steven Aspin)
25) Barbara (Dennis Wilson)
26) Sounds Of Free (Dennis & Rumbo, B-side of "Lady")

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