Long Lost Surf Songs Vol.4

The Beach Boys

Mostly a collection of previously available recordings. Sound quality varies per track because of different sources. Not to much to get excited by except perhaps the beautiful "I've Got A Friend" by Dennis.

Sound Quality:
Overall Value:
Format: CD

1. Forever. Frost Show 1971. SQ B
2. Vegetables. Frost Show 1971. SQ B
3. Falling In Love (Lady). Frost Show 1971. SQ B
4. Walls. BW & Dave Sandler demo 1971. SQ B+
5. Awake. BW & Dave Sandler demo 1971. SQ B+
6. Long Promised Road. Live 1972. SQ C+
7. Cool Cool Water. Live 1972. SQ C+
8. Disney Girls. Live 1972. SQ C+
9. Wonderbill. Live 1972. A medley of 'Wonderful' and 'Don't Worry Bill' a Ricky Fataar and Blondie Chaplin song. SQ C+
10. Surf's Up (with 'Child Is Father to The Man' tag). Dutch TV 1972. SQ B-
11. Ive' Got A Friend. Dennis Wilson vocal Live 1972. SQ C
12. Jam Session. Radio Luxembourg Concert 1972. SQ C-
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