Long Lost Surf Songs Vol.5

The Beach Boys

Mostly a collection of previously available recordings. Sound quality varies per track because of different sources. Best material is tracks 14 - 17 live recordings from Nassau Coliseum recordings. Ding Dang is a joyously, happy gem.

Sound Quality:
Overall Value:
Format: CD

1. Vote '72. Please vote radio spots 1972.
2. Marcella. Alternate mix (faster) 1972. SQ A
3. Melody (California Saga) . Al Jardine on a kids radio show 1972. SQ B-
4. California Saga (Inc. California and Big Sur). Live 1972/73. SQ C-
5. River Song. Live 1972/73. SQ C
6. Jumpin' Jack Flash. Live 1973. SQ B-
7. God Only Knows. Acoustic. Live 1973. SQ B
8. Caroline No. Acoustic. Live 1973. SQ B
9. Ding Dang. Studio outtake 1973. SQ A
10. Good Timin'. Studio outtake 1974. SQ A

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