Long Lost Surf Songs Vol.6

The Beach Boys

Sound Quality varies per track because of different sources. Interesting collection of material. Contains a "DIAMOND" within the Brian Wilson catalogue, "That Same Song" performed with the Double Rock Baptist Choir from the "It's OK" TV special. As well as outtakes from "It's OK" of the brothers doing "I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man".

Sound Quality:
Overall Value:
Format: CD

1. California Girls. 1974 Radio recording witth Mike Love, Charles LLoyd and John McLaughlin. SQ B+
2. I'm Waiting For The Day. Billy Hinsche lead vocal. Live 1975. SQ C+
3. You're So Good To Me. Live 1975. SQ C+
4. In The Back Of My Mind. With Chicago. Live 1975. SQ C
5. Surf's Up. With Chicago, lead vocal Bobby Lamm. Live 1975. SQ C
6. Wishing You Were Here. With Chicago. Live 1975. SQ C
7. I Wanna Pick You Up. Studio outtake 1977. SQ A
8. Rock And Roll Music. Different mix 1976. SQ B
9. We Gotta Groove. Studi outtake. SQ A
10. Honkin' Down The Highway. Studio outtake 1976. Lead vocals, Billy Hinsche. SQ B
11. That Same Song. With Double Rock Baptist Choir. From "It's OK" TV special 1976. SQ A
12. I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man. Outtake from "It's OK" TV special 1976. SQ A
13. I'm Bugged At My O'l Man. Outtake from "It's OK" TV special 1976. SQ A
14. Interview with Brian Wilson. BBC 2 Old Grey Whistle Test 1976. SQ A+
15. Back Home. Brian Wilson lead vocal. Live 1975. SQ B
16. Wild Honey. Live 1975. SQ B

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