Brian's Back (He Loves You!)

The Beach Boys

Invasion Unlimited IU 9421-1
From the liner notes: "Tracks 1, 4, 6, 12 are "15 Big Ones" - outtakes. Tracks 2, 10, 11, 14-16 are "Love You" - outtakes. Tracks 3 & 8 are "M.I.U" - outtakes. The remaining tracks were recorded for various never-finalized projects, such as a Brian Wilson big-band solo-LP (trk. 7) and another Beach Boys' Christmas album (trks. 11 & 13). Track 5 is a Beach Boys version of Dennis Wilson's solo-song and was recorded 1974. This is a typical bootleg with a slightly compressed sound.

1. Shortenin' Bread (original version)
2. It's Trying To Say
3. On Broadway
4. Be My Baby
5. The River Song
6. Mony Mony
7. Deep Purple
8. Hey Little Tomboy (original version)
9. Walkin'
10. Brian Is Back (demo)
11. Child Of Winter
12. Calendar Girl
13. Christmastime Is Here Again
14. How's A Little Bit Of Your Sweet Lovin'
15. Marilyn Rovell
16. We Gotta Groove

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