Summer Passes By

Brian Wilson

Master Mixx Entertainment
I thoght this Brian Wilson Bootleg was a well thought up one. It has In my opinion some of his Best work.

Sound Quality: 8
Overall Value: 8
Format: CD

1. In My Car
2. Night Times
3. Wouldn't It Be Nice (live 1996)
4. Do It Again (Live 1996)
5. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
6. Outer Space
7. Getcha Back
8. Love & Mercy
9. Gymnast Fever
10. Smart Girls (Demo)
11. Caroline No (live 1996)
12. In My Room (Carnie & Wendy Back-up)
13. Living Doll
14. Brian
15. Magnificent Seven
16. To My Love (Demo)
17. Jaycie
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