The Wilson Project

Brian Wilson

Invasion Unlimited IU 9419-1
Sound Quality B
Value B

1. Black Widow
2. Let's Do it Again
3. Walkin' The Line
4. Walkin' The Line (w/ Terence Trent d'Arby)
5. Heavenly Lovers
6. The Spirit of Rock' N Roll
7. So Long
8. Just Say No
9. Heavenly Bodies
10. Christmas Time
11. Magnetic Attraction
12. Magnetic Attraction
13. Let's go to Heaven in my car
14. Let's go to Heaven in my car
15. Barbie(Living Doll)
16. Christine
17. Too Much Sugar
18. Being with the one you love
19. He Couldn't get his Poor Body to Move
20. Daddy's Little Girl
21. Male Ego
22. Goodnight Irene
23.Fantasy is Reality/Bells of Madness

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