Rarities Vol.1

The Beach Boys

Dumb Angel DA002
The sound and overall value ratings aren't exactly accurate,because the source materials are highly variable in both sound & musical quality.This is listenable,but not full fidelity material.The "Rarities" series,from "Sea of Tunes" spinoff label "Dumb Angel" is 98% re-boots of material from previous bootlegs.Only Vols.1,2 & 11 in the 14 volume series contain 1960's material.The series mainly focuses on 1970's,1980's & 1990's material. I'll gradually tell you about the first 12 volumes,as time permits.The discs are housed in hard black platic cases(sort of a miniature version of a DVD case)

Sound Quality: 4
Overall Value: 4
Format: CD

2.Surfin' Safari(alternate version)
3.Barbie(alternate take)
4.Chopsticks Boogie
5.Gonna Hustle You
6.Surfin' U.S.A.(demo)
7.Back Home(take 1)
8.Back Home(take 4)
9.The Rocking Surfer(alternate version)
10.Don't Worry Baby(stereo remix)
11.Karen(T.V. show theme)
12.Wonderful(track & backing vocals)
13.Holidays(takes 1-3)
15.Cabinessence(track & backing vocals)
16.Pryer(tracking session)
17.Child is Faher to The Man(1st mix)
18.Child is Father to The Man(2nd mix)
19.Surf's Up(tracking session)
20.Surf's Up(T.V. show)
21.The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
22.Vegetables(alternate mix)
23.With Me Tonight
24.The Letter(Final mix)
25.With a Little Help From My Friends
26.I Was Made to Lov Her(extended version)
27.Bluebirds Over The Mountain(alternate mix)
28."Unknown track"(I.E. "Harmony Friends")
29.We're Together Again
30.We're Together Again(Track & Backing vocals)
31.Never Learn Not to Love(single mix)
32.Seasons in The Sun
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