Rarities Vol.2(1969-1971)

The Beach Boys

Dumb Angel DA003
Most of this material has been cloned from the excellent "Landlocked/Adult Child" two-fer CD on the bootleg "Brother" label.The additional material is welcome,but(mostly) non-essential,excepting a great alternate studio take of "Soulful Old Man Sunshine"(actually an alternate mix with parts not included in Capitol's official mix),and certainly previously booted

Sound Quality: 6
Overall Value: 8
Format: CD

1.Loop DeLoop(Flip Flop Flying in An Airplane)
2.Susie Cincinati
3.San Miguel
4.H.E.L.P. is on The Way
5.Take a Load off Yor Feet
6.Carnival(aka Over The Waves)
7.I Just Got My Pay
8.Good Time
9.Big Sur
10.Lady(aka Fallin in Love:Dennis Wilson)
11.When Girls Fall n Love
12.Looking at Tomrrow(A Welfare Song)
13.Soulful Old Man Sunshine
14.Slip on Through(take 6)
15.Slip on Through(Take 7)
16.Add Some Music to Your Day
17.Tears in The Morning(Alternate version)
18.Forever(vocals oly)
19.Forever(Alternate version)
20.It's About Time(drum track)
21.It's About Time(drum & Organ track)
22.San Miguel(Alternate mix)
23.My Solution(version 1)
24.Student Demonstration Time(alternate mix)
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