Rarities Vol.3(1972-76)

The Beach Boys

Dumb Angel DA004
The sound quality is totally variable,ranging from full fidelity,to utterly murky.The promo spots are cloned from the orignal Japanese "Landlocked" CD.But the must have track on offer here is the studio version of "We Got Love"(from the "Holland" sessions) with absolutely perfect sound.Several highly unfinished takes of the "Holland" outtake "Out in The Country" are also of interest,as are 9 Brian solo demos.This is also an easy way to pick up 2 of the 3 alternate takes which CBS/Caribou accidentally included in their now-deleted CD of "The M.I.U. Album".The rest is familiar mid-1970's bootleg fare,sounding no better than previous mediocre boots.

Sound Quality: 5
Overall Value: 5
Format: CD

1.Carl & Passions/Pet Sounds Promo Spot
2.Carl & Passions/Pet Sounds Proo Spot
3.Register to Vote
4.Out in The Country(track)
5.Out in The Country(track & vocals)
6.Out in The Country(track & vocals)
7.We Got Love(studio)
8.Sail on Sailor(track & Accapella fade)
9.Holland(radio Promo Spot)
10.Get Off(anti-drug message)
11.Why Do Fools Fall in Love
12.Jamaica Farewell
13.Hey There Momma
14.Come Go With Me(version one,CBS/Caribou CD)
15.Peggy Sue(alternate mix,CBS/Caribou CD)
16.Sea Cruise
17.Mony Mony
18.Michael Row The Boat Ashore
19.I'm Bugged at My Old Man(T.V. special)
20.That Same Song(T.V. special)
21.It's Over Now(1)(demo)
22.I'm Begging You Please(demo)
23.Let's Put Our Hearts Together(demo)
24.They're Marching Along(demo)
25.Still I Dream of It(demo)
27.I'll Bet He's Nice(demo)
28.Love is a Woman(dem)
30.It's Over Now(2)(demo)
Tracks 11-12 by Terry Melcher(Brian session appearance)
Tracks 21-30 are Brian Wilson solo demos

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