Rarities Vol.4(1976-77)

The Beach Boys

Dumb Angel DA005
More re-booted material,largely from the "Adult Child" material on the "Landlocked/Adult Child" two-fer on the bootleg "Brother" label,from the tape sources used on the vinyl boots "California Feeling" & "Adult Child"(both also on bootleg "Brother" label),and 4 tracks from the generally horrific sounding "Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys" bootleg CD on the "Frontline" label.However,the tracks that originated from the "California Feeling' and "Adult Child" vinyl boots are getting tape-derived bootleggings here(certainly better than the vinyl-derived bootleggings on the "Polyphone" label CD's).And you can grab the 3rd rarity from the CBS/Caribou "M.I.U. Album" CD("Winds of Change") here.

Sound Quality: 4
Overall Value: 4
Format: CD

1.Life is For The Living
2.Hey Little Tomboy(alternate version)
3.Deep Purple
4.H.E.L.P. is on The Way
5.It's Over Now
6.Everybody Want to Live
7.Shortenin' Bread(version one)
9.On Broadway
10.Games Two Can Play
11.Baseball(aka It's Trying to Say)
12.Still I Dream of It
13.We Gotta Groove
14.Brian Back(version 1)
15.Lazy Lizzie
16.Sherry,She Needs Me
17.My Diane
18.Honkin' Down The Highway(alternate vocalversion)
19.Marilyn Rovell
20.You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
21.Ruby Baby
22.Winds of Change(alternate mix,CBS/Caribou CD)
23.How's About a Little Bit of Your Sweet Lovin'
(version 1)
24.Alone on Christmas Day
25.Go and Get That Girl
26.Santa's Got an Airplane(version 2)
27.Bells of Christmas(alternate version)
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