Rarities Vol.5(1978)

The Beach Boys

Dumb Angel DA006
A mixed bag in terms of content & sound quality,ranging from passable fidelity to full fidelity.The set opens with 4 versions of "Almost Summer"(two by The Beach Boys,and two by Mike Love's Celebration).Five other tracks by Celebration follow.But there's actual Beach Boys material here too,ncludig track that are famliar from the "California Feeling" bootleg L.P.(but now tape derived),and some released but rare material,including the instrumental 12" version of "Here Comes The Night",and a Japan-only release of "Sumahama" with added sound effects.

Sound Quality: 4
Overall Value: 4
Format: CD

1.Almost Summer(demo)
2.Almost Summer(early mix)
3.Almost Summer(promo version)
4.Almost Summer
5.Sad Sad Summer
7.Gettin' Hungry
8.She's Just Out to Get You
9.How's About a Little Bit of Your Sweet Lovin'
(version 2)
10.Santa Ana Winds
11.Santa Ana Winds(remix)
12.Song of the Whale(aka Down Along The Coastline)
13.California Feeling
14.Calendar Girl
15.Calendar Girl(alternate mix)
16.Sumahama(waves mix)
17.Here Comes The Night(single version)
18.Here Comes The Night(instrumental 12" version)
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