Rarities Vol.6(1978-1983)

The Beach Boys

Dumb Angel DA007
Unless you're a fan of Mike Love solo recordings(which occupy 60% of this disc),you may well want to skip this CD,which is mostly just passable,typical cassette-derived bootleg quality.

Sound Quality: 4
Overall Value: 3
Format: CD

1.Brian's Back(edit mix)
3.Hey Good Lookin'
4.Today I Started Lovin' You Again(fast version)
5.California Beach
6.Skatetown U.S.A.
7.Little Girl
8.It's a Beautiful Day(album version)
9.Goin' to The Beach(demo)
10.Goin' to The Beach(track)
11.Goin' On(tracking session)
12.Goin' On(track)
13.Be My Baby
14.My Solution(version 2)
15.Shortenin' Bread(version 3)
18.Calfornia Dreamin'(album version)
19.Let's Party
20.Jingle Bell Rock
21.Do You Hear What I Hear?
22.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
23.Can't Stop Talking About American Girls
24.Hot Summer Lovers
25.Let's Dance
26.Oh! Those Girls

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