Rarities Vol.7(1984-1989)

The Beach Boys

Dumb Angel DA008
Excepting some concert material & one unreleased studio track("At The Hop") these are Full-fidelty released rarities of negligible musical quality.A good way to complete your collection of official material since many of these tracks got their only official airing on vinyl.

Sound Quality: 10
Overall Value: 3
Format: CD

1.East Meets West
2.Chasin' The Sky Away
3.At The Hop
4.Back in the USSR(live)
5.Come Go With Me(Live)
6.Surfer Girl(live)
7.Barbara Ann(live)
8.Happy Birthday America
9.Rock n'Roll To The Rescue(Beach Party Mix)
10.Rock n'Roll to THe Rescue(Percadella Mix)
11.Rock n'Roll to The Rescue(Instrumental mix)
12.Lady Liberty
13.Wipe Out(Wave 1 version)
14.Wipe Out(Wave 2 version)
15.Happy Endings
16.California Girls(Live)
17.Don't Worry Baby
18.Kokomo(Spanish version)
19.Little GTO
20.Somewhere Near Japan(edit mix)
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