Rarities On Compact Disc Vol 2

The Beach Boys

Some great tracks and very listenable as an album. Sound quality is uneven but great in parts.

Sound Quality: 8
Overall Value: 8
Format: CD

1. Sandy She Needs Me (early version of "Sherry..")
2. Pamela Jean
3. I Do
4. Little Saint Nick (Single stereo version)
5. All I Wanna Do (Live In London outtake)
6. After the Game
7. Endless Sleep ( BW prod-L. Denton)
8. If I Can't Be You (BW prod-R. Wilson)
9. The One You Can't Have (Honeys)
10. He's A Doll (Honeys)
11. Malibu Sunset ( BW prod-G. Cambell)
12. East Meets West (demo)
13. You Still Believe in Me (live-Syracuse '71)
14. Caroline No (as #13)
15. Rock n Roll Music (Midnite Special)
16. Good Vibrations (as #15)
17. Good Vibrations reprise ("")
18. Lady Lynda ("")
19. You Are So Beautiful (Dennis '76)
20. If I could Live My Life Again (Dennis)
21 .Baby Blue Eyes (Dennis)
22. San Miguel (instr. Dennis)
23. Forever (CHR mix)
24. With A Little Help From My Friends
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