Rarities On Compact Disc Vol.1

The Beach Boys

Mostly a grab bag of stuff I've seen on other boots Sound quality varies from track to track, it fills the holes in your collection depending on what you already have. Nothing really of any historical value just mainly interesting at best.

Sound Quality: 6
Overall Value: 5
Format: CD

Summer in Paradise-live 93'Wembley (Good)
Angel Come Home
Good Timin'- Both Dennis lead,Midnight Special 79(fair)
Rockin Surfer-Alt.version (a bit distorted)
Almost Summer
Almost Summer-both demo versions (alright)
Land Ahoy-(Good)
I Get Around-Alt.version, interesting (Good)
Honda 55-(good)
Heroes and Villains-sections (good)
The Monkey's Uncle-(Good)
Jingle Bell Rock-(Good)
Child of Winter-(good)
Hot Summer Lovers-(bad)
Problem Child-instrumental (good)
Surf City-Jan & Dean extended (good)
We're Together Again
We're Together Again both out takes (good)
Sherry She Needs Me (good)
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