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The Beach Boys

The quality is average, some recordings, like "California Dreamin'", sound terrible, although the alternative version of Cal.Dr. is a very nice one. Not enough time was spend on the layout. On the CD is mentioned that there are 22 songs (instead of 25). "Bermuda Shorts" is not the song, some members of the group are suggesting to sing it.

1. More Smile Sessions (Our Prayer, Wonderful, Cabin Essence, Child Is The Father Of The Man, Do You Like Worms) ca.10 minutes
2. Special Feeling (demo)
3. Instr.
4. It's Over Now, 1 (demo)
5. It's Over Now, 2 (demo)
6. Marching Along (demo)
7. I'm Begging You Please (demo)
8. Still I Dream Of It (demo)
9. My Diane
10. Baby Blue
11. Instr./Vocal
12. Honkin' Down The Highway
13. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
14. We Gotta Groove
15. California Dreamin'
16. California Feeling
17. Santa Ana Winds
18. Monterey Saga
19. Brian's Back
20. Tears In The Morning
21. piano part, the end of "Tears In.."
22. Do You Wanna Dance (vocal sessions)
23. Calender Girl
24. Good Vibrations (sessions)
25. Bermuda Shorts

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