Sweet Insanity

Brian Wilson

Ocean Records ORP-98001/2
Containing the "original master" of the Sweet Insanity album (as printed on the track listings) plus other tracks culled from b-sides, compilation albums, soundtracks, and other albums on which Brian had a guest appearance. Worth it if you don't already have a SI boot or a good deal of the other material.

Sound Quality: 8
Overall Value: 9
Format: CD

Disc 1 (Sweet Insanity - original master)

1. Concert Tonight 0:16
2. Someone To Love 4:00
3. Water Builds Up 3:21
4. Don't Let Her Know (She's An Angel) 3:42
5. Do You Have Any Regrets 3:46
6. Thank You 3:23
7. Hotter 3:51
8. Spirit of Rock 'n Roll (with Bob Dylan) 3:30
9. Rainbow Eyes 4:20
10. Love Ya 3:08
11. Make A Wish 2:57
12. Smart Girls 4:27

Disc 2 (Session Works and some rare tracks)

1. In My Car 3:20 (from the unreleased studio track)
2. He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move 2:37 (from single tracks for "Love & Mercy" 1988)
3. Being With The One You Love 2:37 (from single tracks for "Melt Away" 1988)
4. Country Feelin's 2:45 (from Disney's "For Our Children" 1991)
5. Daddy's Little Girl 3:17 (from the soundtrack for the film "She's Out Of Control" 1991)
6. Barbie (Living Doll) 2:01 (from promote flexidisc "California Dream")
7. Let's Go To Heaven In My Car 3:36 (from the soundtrack album "Police Academy 4" 1987)
8. Too Much Sugar 2:37 (from single b-side of "Let's Go To Heaven In My Car" 1987)
9. Metal Beach 3:36 (from single b-side to Paul Schaffer's solo single "When The Radio Is On" 1989)
10. Night Time (live) 2:59 (from The "Dick Clark" TV Live Show 1988)
11. Bells Of Madness/Fantasy Is Reality 4:09 (from Rob Wasserman's album "Trios" with Brian's daughter Carnie 1993)
12. Still I Dream Of It 3:27 (from the unreleased legendary album "Adult Child" this song was offered to Frank Sinatra 1976)
13. Goodnight Irene 2:38 (from the tribute album "Folkways, A Vision Shared" 1988)
14. Spirit Of The Forest (Earthrise) 2:50 (radio edit version from charity single "Earth Love Fund" 1989)
15. We Love You 5:02 (from Ryuichi Sakamoto's cover of Rolling Stones 1989)
16. This Could Be The Night 2:45 (from the tribute album "For The Love Of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson" 1998)

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