The Beach Boys

The Early Years 02-CD 3317

The line-up is impressive, but the sound quality is abysmal. For example, "Can't Wait Too Long" is included as a bonus track on SS/WH and has commercial-quality production. This version, as with all these cuts, has a second or third generation home cassette sound. Some cuts even have what sound like vinyl pops. "Wonderful" is distorted.

It's painful to listen to from a production standpoint, but it gives you a terrific feel for the concept of Smile.

You'll probably mumble to yourself "If only....."

1. Surf's Up (Brian Vocal)
2. Bicycle Rider Theme
3. Good Vibrations
4. Barnyard
5. Do You Like Worms
6. Medley: Painter/Sunshine
7. Can't Wait Too Long
8. Tones
9. Cabin Essence
10. George Fell Into his French Horn
11. Bicycle Rider Theme (instrumental)
12. Heroes and Villains
13. Our Prayer
14. Wonderful
15. The Four Elements:
a: Earth - Vegetables
b: Wind - Wind Chimes
c: Fire - Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
d: Water - I Love to say Da Da
16. Child is Father to the Man
17. Surf' Up (instrumental)
18. Good Vibrations (rehearsal)
19. Smile Promo Advert

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