The Beach Boys

Perhaps, the track N0 22 is previously unpublished, but we can find the other titles in some bootleg like Merry Christmas from the BEACH BOYS, The Brian wilson demo are the same as we can find in Come back, Brian, and In my room.

Sound Quality: 8
Overall Value: 6
Format: CD

Title 1-14: 1977 "Merry christmas from the Beach Boys"
1/ Christmas time is here again
2/ Child of Winter (Remix and part recording of 1974 version)
3/ Winter Symphony (Recorded in 1974)
4/ Michael row the boat ashore (Recorded 01-05/1976)
5/ Seasons in the sun (Recorded 1969-1970-Produced by Terry Jacks)
6/ Holy evening
7/(Alone on) Christmas day
8/ Go and get that girl
9/ Santa's got an aiplane
10/ I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus 1 (New version)
11/ I saw Mommy kissing santa Claus 2 (Traditional version)
12/ Christmas Medley (The group with families)
13/ Kona christmas (Mele Kaliki Mako this became Kona coast on M.I.U.)
14/ Bells of Christmas (became Belles of Paris on MIU)
Title 15-19: Late 1976 - Brian's Demos
15/ They're marching along (Little Children 1st version)
16/ I'll bet is nice
17/ That special feeling
18/ I'm begging you please
19/ Lazy Lizzie

20/ School girl (Pacific ocean blue outtake)
21/ Lady Linda (Early version)

Title 22-24 Fall 1977 "MIU" outtakes Recorded at the same sessions as the 1977 Christmas LP.
22/ Mike come back to L.A. (taken from the promo film "Our team with Mike Love narrating)
23/ Your sweet lovin'
24/ Our team

Total runing Time:62:53

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