Famous U.S. Marches and No Rock and Roll

The Beach Boys

Old Glory Records, 300 Series
The album is supposed to be from their 1972 U.S. Tour; however, the concert was probably from late 1971 as Bruce Johnston is still with the band and Ricky Fataar is filling in for Dennis on drums (Mike says Dennis isn't there because he "hurt his hand"--Bruce introduces Ricky). The lineup also features Mike, Carl and Al. Blondie Chaplin has not yet joined the group. I call this album "The Beach Boys on Campus" since they are obviously playing in front of a small college crowd and Mike mentions some upcoming events at the school (somewhere in New York, I believe). The mics seemed to be focused on one part of the room (where Mike and Bruce are) and it's hard to pick up Carl and Alan (probably on the other side). This concert seems to be right before the Beach Boys began their 1970s comeback and was performed soon after the release of "Surf's Up". Highlight: The boys, who have previously avoided their early surf material, play "Surfin' U.S.A." near the end.

Sound Quality: 5
Overall Value: 7
Format: LP

Side One
1. Good Vibrations
2. Don't Go Near the Water
3. Darlin'
4. Wouldn't It Be Nice
5. Long Promised Road
6. Student Demonstration Time (partial track)
Side Two
1. Disney Girls (1957)
2. Take a Load Off Your Feet
3. Sloop John B.
4. Surfin' U.S.A.
5. It's About Time (intro only)

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