The Beach Boys

Vigotone VIGO 110/111
This is considered the definitive "Smile" bootleg. Unfortunately it is out of print and virtually impossible to find. The good news is Vigotone has a much bigger "Smile" bootleg set coming in June.
Sound Quality: B
Value: A

Disc 1

1. Heroes and Villians
2. Do you like Worms
3. Medley: The old Master Painter/You are my Sunshine
4. Wonderful
5. Child is the Father of the Man
6. Prayer
7. Cabin-Essence
8. Good Vibrations
9. Vega-Tables/I'm in Great Shape
10. Wind Chimes
11. Mrs O'Leary's Cow
12. Cool
13. Surf's Up
14. Prayer
15. I Love to Say Dada
16. Untitled (She's Goin' Bald)
17. Untitled (With Me Tonight)
18. Wonderful
19. Child is the Father of the Man
20. You're Welcome
21. Heroes and Villians
22. Do you like Worms?

Disc 2

1. Good Vibrations
2. Cabin-Essence
3. Surf's Up
4. Tones/Tone X
5. Medley: The old Master Painter/You are my Sunshine
6. George Fell into His French Horn
7. Mrs O'Learys Cow
8. Barnyard
9. The Woodshop Song
10. Holidays
11. Prayer
12. Surf's Up
13. Smile Era Party

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