Beach Boys Catalogue

Catalogue Listing of Tower Records,

London as of 01/01/96

by Steven Dunn

This list was ascertained and entered by Steven Dunn. This is a list of Beach Boys related items sold by Tower Records in London. Unfortunately no prices, but Tower records can be contacted on (44) 171 439 2500. Tower will export to most countries.

Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks
Dennis Wilson
Van Dyke Parks
Beach Boys


If the label begins with a D eg DWAR, then the entry is a deletion.
The listing below includes CDs, Tapes and Vinyl (sometimes obvious from the Catalogue Number).
JAPA is a Japanese import.
MTSU is a US import.
Imports are normally CDs.


Title Vendor Label Catalogue No. Comments Brian Wilson DELL DWAR WX157C Brian Wilson MTSU 9958 9256692 CD Brian Wilson WARM 2433 2130 I Just Wasn't Made... MCAB 1770 MCD11270 CD


Title Vendor Label Catalogue No. Comments Orange Crate Art WARM 2672 9362454272 CD Orange Crate Art WARM 2672 9362454274 Tape


Title Vendor Label Catalogue No. Comments Pacific Ocean Blue DELL DSMD 4683512 Pacific Ocean Blue SMDI 927 EPC468351 Tape ?


Title Vendor Label Catalogue No. Comments Clang of the Yankee Reaper WARM 3228 7599261852 Clang of the Yankee Reaper DMNR 730 EDCD213 CD Discover America WARM 3257 7599261452 Discover America DMNR 730 EDCD210 CD Idiosyncratic Path DMNR 730 DIAB807 Jump! WARM 3228 7599238292 Song Cycle DMNR 730 EDCD207 CD Song Cycle WARM 3228 7599258562 Tokyo Rose WARM 3228 7599259682


Title Vendor Label Catalogue No. Comments 15 Big Ones MTSU EAB ZK46955 15 Big Ones SMDI 927 4683462 Tape ? 20 Golden Greats EMID 890 CDP7467382 CD 20 Golden Greats DELL DEMI TCEMTV1 Tape 20 Good Vibrations MTSU CAP CDP8294182 CD 20/20 MTSU CAP CDP8296382 CD Absolute Best Vol 1 MTSU CAP C496795 Absolute Best Vol 1 MTSU CAP C496796 Absolute Best Vol 2 MTSU CAP CDP7967952 CD All Summer Long MTSU CAP CDP8296312 CD All Summer Long MTSU CAP CDP296312 CD All Summer Long JAPA 9999 CP216006 CD All Times Greatest Hits OFFB LYM CDL57355 CD Ballads JAPA 9999 TOCP6771 Beach Boys SMDI 927 4673632 Tape ? Beach Boys Concert DELL DEMI CZ325 Beach Boys Golden Hits JAPA 9999 TOCP6773 Beach Boys 69 MTSU CAP CDP8296342 CD Best of ... Vol 1 MTSU CAP C491318 Tape Best of ... EMID 410 CDESTVD3 CD Best of ... EMID 410 TCESTVD3 Tape California Dreamin DELL DTLR BX4022 California Girls MTSU CAP 48046 Capitol Years MUSH 6043 CDCAP6 CD Carl & Passions - So Tough SMDI 927 4683492 Carl & Passions - So Tough MTSU EAB ZK46953 Christmas Album MFPD 1819 CDMFP6150 CD Christmas Album MFPD 1819 TCMFP6150 Tape Christmas Album JAPA 9999 TOCP8400 Concert MTSU CAP CDP7904272 CD Concert/Live in London MTSU CAP C493695 Tape Covers JAPA 9999 TOCP6772 Cruisin DELL DMFP TCFA3294 Tape Cruisin DELL DMFP CDFA3294 CD Endless Summer MFPD 1819 TCMFP6150 Tape Endless Summer MFPD 1819 TCMFP50528 Tape Endless Summer MTSU BDE GZS1076 For The Girls on the Beach JAPA 9999 TOCP7832 For The Girls on the Beach JAPA 9999 TOCP7870 Friends MTSU CAP CDP8296372 CD Friends/20-20 EMID 410 CZ341 Fun Fun Fun TLRS 1590 15164 Tape Good Vibrations - 30 Years EMID 410 CDS7812942 CD Good Vibrations - 30 Years DELL DEMI CDS7899362 CD Good Vibrations MUSH 6043 4320112 Great Beach Boys WEST 4726 GLD63138 Greatest Hits WEST 3272 GAL007 History Box Vol 1 JAPA 9999 TOCP776163 History Box Vol 2 JAPA 9999 TOCP776466 History Box Vol 3 JAPA 9999 TOCP776769 Holland MTSU DDY ZK46952 Holland EMID 890 4678372 I Love You MFPD 1819 CDMFP5988 CD I Love You MFPD 1819 TCMFP5988 Tape "In My Room,Brian Wilson Sings" JAPA 9999 TOCP7831 Instrumental Hits JAPA 9999 TOCP8210 Keepin the Summer Alive MTSU DDY ZK36283 Keepin the Summer Alive DELL DSMD 4683502 LA Light Album PWKD 545 9021272 LA Light Album SMDI 927 4683442 LA Light Album MTSU EYM 35752 Little Deuce Coupe MTSU CAP CDP8296302 CD Little Deuce Coupe OFFB LYM CDL57241 CD Little Deuce Coupe HART 3908 CD352143 CD Little Deuce /All Summer Long MTSU CAP C493693 Tape Little Deuce /All Summer Long DELL DEMI CZ320 Lost & Found 1961-1962 MUSH 6056 PACD022 CD Lost & Found 1961-1962 MTSU BDE DZS054 Love You SMDI 927 4683472 Love You MTSU EAB ZK46956 Made in the USA MTSU CAP AXBK12396 Made in the USA DELL DEMI CDP7463242 CD Medley JAPA 9999 TODP2413 MIU Album MTSU MTA 4683482 MIU Album MTSU EAB 46957 Most of ... MUSH 6040 4380012 Original Surfin Hits MTSU COD D277747 Our Car Club JAPA 9999 TOCP7833 Party MTSU CAP CDP8296402 CD Party/Stack-O-Tracks DELL DEMI C493698 Tape Party/Stack-O-Tracks DELL DEMI CZ340 Pet Sounds EMID 985 CDFA3298 CD Pet Sounds EMID 985 TCFA3298 Tape Pet Sounds MTSU KUK GZS1035 Pet Sounds EMID 410 C87484218 Pet Sounds HART 7020 CDP7484212 CD Pet Sounds JAPA 9999 CP216011 Rarities & Medleys JAPA 9999 TOCP6604 Shut Down Vol 2 JAPA 9999 CP216005 Shut Down Vol 2 MTSU CAP CDP8296292 CD Smiley Smile JAPA 9999 CP216012CD CD Smiley Smile MTSU CAP CDP8296352 CD Smiley Smile/Wild Honey EMID 410 CZ326 Spirit of America MTSU CAP C446618 Tape Spirit of America MTSU CAP 46618 Stack-O-Tracks MTSU CAP CDP8296412 CD Still Cruisin' EMID 410 CDP7926392 CD Still Cruisin' EMID 410 TCESTU2107 Tape Summer Days and Summer Nights MTSU CAP CDP8296332 CD Summer Dreams EMID 410 CDEMTVD51 CD Summer Dreams EMID 410 TCEMTVD51 Tape Summer Dreams DELL DEMI EMTVD51 Sunflower DELL DSMD 4678362 Sunflower MTSU CAP CDP8296332 CD Surf In The USA CARO 5880 10210022 Surf In The USA KCHD 3981 140220432 Surfer Girl BTSI 892 CDP8296282 CD Surfer Girl JAPA 9999 CP216003 Surfin America IMPP 6066 DNR005BB1 Surfin Safari JAPA 9999 CP216001 Surfin Safari MTSU CAP 829661 Surfin Safari/Surfin USA EMID 410 CZ312 Surfin Safari Live PWKD 2876 2093CD CD Surfin Safari Live PWKD 2876 2093MC Tape Surfin USA MTSU CAP CDP7484222 CD Surfin USA/Surfer Girl MTSU CHM UDCD521 CD Surf's Up TLRS 412 4XL9053 Surf's Up OFFB LYM CDL57240 CD Surf's Up DELL DSMD 4678352 Surf's Up/Holland/Sunflower DELL DSMD 4683262 Today MTSU CAP CDP 8296322 CD Today/Summer Days... EMID 410 CZ324 Tape Very Best of... DELL DEMI TCBBTV1867 Tape ... verses Jan & Dean JAPA 9999 20DN76 Wild Honey MTSU CAP CDP8296362 CD Wild Honey JAPA 9999 CP216013

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