Non-Beach Boy, Brian Wilson Productions

by Steven Dunn

Throughout his working life Brian has been writing music, and not always with the Beach Boys. In the early 60s Brian worked as a producer in that he wrote music for many other artists. I believe that most of these tracks have been released, but a few will be unused LP tracks (eg see American Spring) and others may just have appeared on boot alone, but these will be few and far between.

I have tried to put together a list of such tracks below for your reference, and which you are welcome to suggest amendments or add to.

There are no Beach Boys tracks, pseudonyms excepted, and only initial/original recordings are listed rather than subsequent covers. I cannot guarantee the accuracy the sources of my information being; CD/LP liner notes, various books - esp Surf's Up and discussions with BW collectors.

ArtistTitleDate RecordedBW credits
HoneysSurfin' Down The Swanee RiverApr-63co-written & prod
Shoot The CurlApr-63prod
Westwoods (=Honeys)Miss My Little Surfer BoySep-63prod
HoneysPray For SurfSep-63prod
Hide Go SeekSep-63written & prod
Rabbits FootSep-63written & prod
The One You Can't HaveDec-63written & prod
From Jimmy With TearsDec-63prod
You Brought It All OnJan-64written & prod
Make The Night (Just A Little Bit Longer)Jan-64co-prod
In The Still Of The NightJan-64co-prod
He's A DollApr-64written & prod
The Love Of A Boy And GirlApr-64prod
Tonight You Belong To MeSep-68prod
Goodnight My LoveSep-68prod
I Know You're Gonna Be AllrightDec-68written & prod
Kenny & The Cadets (=BBs)BarbieApr-62co-prod ?
Rachel & RevolversThe RevolutionSep-62co-written & prod
Number OneSep-62co-written & prod
What Is A Young Girl Made OfSep-62co-written & prod
Bob & SheriSurfer MoonOct-62written & prod
The Humpty DumptyOct-62prod
Johnny Dew (=Brian)Farmers DaughterNov-62written & prod
LanaNov-62written & prod
Jan & DeanGonna Hustle YouApr-63co-written & vocals
Get a Chance With YouMay-63co-written & vocals
Surf CityMay-63co-written
She's My Summer GirlMay-63co-written
Sidewalk Surfin'Nov-63co-written
Drag CityNov-63co-written
The New Girl In SchoolDec-63co-written
Dead Man's Curve (version one)Jan-64co-written & backing vocals
Surf Route 101Jan-64co-written
Dead Man's Curve (version two)Jan-64co-written
Ride The Wild SurfSep-64co-written
Surfin' WildSep-64co-written
Survivors (=BBs)Pamela JeanSep-63written & prod
After The GameSep-63written & prod
Sharon MarieRunaround LoverSep-63co-written & prod
Thinkin' Bout You BabyApr-64co-written & prod
The Story Of My LifeApr-64co-written & prod
Glen Campbell Malibu SunsetJul-63 ?co-written & prod & vocals
SunsetsMy Surfin' Little WoodieSep-63co-written
NodeansBeach GirlSep-63 ?Brian
Tri 5 (=include Carl & Dennis)Come And Get ItSep-63 ?prod
Like ChopSep-63 ?prod
TimersNo Go ShowboatOct-63co-written
Ron WilsonIf It Can't Be YouDec-63written & prod
CastellsI DoJan-64co-written & prod
Gary UsherSacramentoMar-64co-written & prod
That's Just The Way I FeelMar-64prod
Rick DentonEndless SleepMar-64prod
Paul PetersonShe Rides With MeMar-64co-written & prod
Donna LorenMuscle BustleMar-64co-written
Annette (Funnicello)Surfer's HolidayMar-64co-written
Monkeys UncleAug-64BBs vocals
Hale & HushabyesYes SirJun-64backing vocals
HondellsMy Buddy SeatNov-64co-written & prod
Basil Swift & SeegramsFarmers DaughterJan-65written & vocals
Glen Campbell Guess I'm DumbApr-65co-written & prod
Bob & Bobby(=Sheri)Twelve O FourSep-68prod
What You Want Me To DoSep-68prod
Ron WilsonI'll Keep On Loving YouSep-68co-prod
As Tears Go BySep-68co-prod
Laughing GravyVega-TablesJul-67co-written & co-prod
"Dino, Desi & Billy"Lady LoveNov-70co-written
American Spring LP"Tennessee Waltz, Thinkin' Bout You Baby"late 71/early 72co-written & co-prod
"Mama Said, Superstar, Awake, Sweet Mountain"late 71/early 72co-written & co-prod
"Everybody, This Whole World, Forever"late 71/early 72co-written & co-prod
"Good Time, Now That Everything's Been Said"late 71/early 72co-written & co-prod
Down Homelate 71/early 72co-written & co-prod
Come To Melate 71/early 72co-prod
Slip On Throughlate 71/early 72co-prod
(David Sandler)Silly Wallslate 71/early 72co-prod
SpringSnowflakesApr-73co-written & co-prod
Shyin' AwayApr-73co-prod
Fallin' In LoveApr-73co-prod
Don't Be CruelApr-77co-prod
Sweet Sunday Kinda LoveMay-78co-prod
She's Out To Get YouMay-78prod
Do YaMay-78prod
It's Like HeavenMay-79co-
Had To Phone YaMay-79co-written & co-prod

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