Love vs. Wilson

Chapter 3

by Michael. S Kenny

One of the best things about this trial was not the testimony, but the arguments made outside the presence of the jury. I've seen cases where lawyers argue vehemently during the trial, but are friendly outside the courtroom. Not so here; these people truly hated each other. The most heated of these occurred when Brian was due to take the stand, but instead sent word that he wasn't feeling well. All hell broke loose. Mike's attorney started saying that Brian looked much worse than he did during the pre-trial hearings and seemed to to drugged (at least more than normal). Brian's lawyers denied this in a snide sort of a way. What was even more amazing was that the judge said that in fact Brian was a lot paler and seemed different than he was before. He ordered Brian's doctor to court, and NOW! As he was being called from his office, the wars began.

Mike's attorney told the judge that Brian's lawyers and numerous hanger ons were in fact bleeding Brian dry. He estimated that the $10 million that Brian won from Irving music would be divided this way: $4 million already gone to the lawyer that represented Brian in the Irving case; $3 million that Mike expected to win: and $3 million to Brian's lawyers for this case. That would leave Brian with nothing out of the $10 million. And as I stated before, Mike offered to settle out of court for $750k. Brian's lawyers said no.

Mike's lawyer then said he hoped that after this trial that Brian file a civil suit against his own lawyers for leading him astray and basically just for misrepresentation. It was incredibly tense. One of the things that was interesting was the fact that when there was a break, Mike's lawyer would remain in the court to arrange evidence, etc. Well, I would stay in the court too and talk to him about it. He seemed to be generally concerned for Brian's well being and was visually upset by what Brian's lawyers were doing to him.

One of you recently posted a letter quoting mike as saying that there were others other than Landy controlling Brian. You thought that the message was probably self serving to Mike-which it was, but it was also true. And remember I went into this thing 100 percent behind Brian.

Another thing that was interesting was the day Mike's new wife and small son (named Brian by the way) showed up with Mike. I didn't think much of it until I saw Hard Copy/Current Affair a little while later and recognized Mike's wife wearing the same dress. Again, Mike was playing the crowd or it was one hell of a coincidence. Well, that's enough for now, I'll be back in a couple days with Brian's doctor and Brian taking the stand.

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