Smile Mailing List Album Poll

by Paul MacArthur

This is a list compiled by Paul MacArthur of Smile Mailing List subscribers top ten favorite albums of all time. The results were originally compiled and posted September 18, 1995.

The people on this list have varied tastes, as over 180 albums were selected by you all (the most you could have chosen was 390 - the least 10).

I ranked the albums in terms of quality points, 10 points for your favorite, 9 for your second favorite and so on. If you sent me a list and said they weren't in any order, I ranked them in the order you gave them to me (no other choice, other than to omit your data).

Artists who received 0 votes who I thought would get something:

James Taylor
Joni Mitchell
Carole King
Stevie Wonder

Raw points refers to how many people put a particular album on a list.

The number one album appeard on 34 lists, which means 87% of you voted for it (a solid number one). It also received 295 quality points out of a possible 390.

So without further ado, here it is:

Place	Artist		Album		Quality Points	Raw Points
22	Beatles 	Sgt. Pepper		15	2
21	Miles Davis 	Kind Of Blue		15	2
20	XTC 		Skylarking		15	3
19	Rolling Stones	Exile On Main Street	15	3
18	Moody Blues 	Days Of Future Passed	16	3
17	Love 		Forever Changes		17	2
16	Beach Boys	Friends			17	4
15	Yes		Close To The Edge	18	3
14	Beach Boys	Wild Honey		18	3
13	Beach Boys	Summer Days		18	4
12	Marvin Gaye	What's Goin' On		19	3
11	Big Star 	Radio City		23	3
10	Beatles 	Ruber Soul		23	5
9	Bob Dylan	Blonde On Blonde	24	3
8	Beach Boys	Surf's Up		27	4
7	Beach Boys	All Summer Long		32	5
6	Beatles		White Album		38	7
5	Beach Boys	Today			54	9
4	Beatles 	Abbey Road		55	7
3	Beach Boys	Sunflower		59	8
2	Beatles		Revolver		103	12
1	Beach Boys	Pet Sounds		295	34
The top two are not surprising to me at all.

Frankly, no major surprises, except for number 11, which I've never heard of and number 17, which I never heard of.

Thanks to all who voted.

Paul MacArthur chose not to vote so as to keep from skewing the results.

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