40 reasons why Pet Sounds is the Greatest Album Ever

Andrew Gladwin

  1. It’s all about the need for love and acceptance, two of the most basic human needs
  2. It inspired the Beatles to greater heights, especially Here, There And Everywhere
  3. It has beautiful melodic bass-lines
  4. It covers a wide range of  real emotions from pure joy to utter disappointment
  5. It wasn’t made for these times…or those times…but for all times
  6. It usually makes at least the Top 10 of best album polls in well-known music magazines
  7. George Martin likes it
  8. Because quiet is the new loud
  9. It has cool animals on the cover
  10. ….and dog noises
  11. God Only Knows may the most beautiful song ever
  12. and Caroline No may have the loveliest backing track of every song
  13. It inspired great harmonic music from Jimmy Webb, the Association, Curt Boetcher and many other late 60s artists
  14. Brian wanted to spread spiritual love to the world
  15. It blurred the boundaries between rock, jazz and classical music
  16. It had the best musicians in Los Angeles playing on it
  17. Brian’s melodies ascend to a very special place…whether it’s musical or spiritual
  18. The title is a pun
  19. No-one was worried that 13 tracks would be bad luck
  20. If you haven’t lived at least some of the songs….you probably haven’t lived
  21. Brian spent almost 40 years trying to top it with SMiLE
  22. Carl Wilson sings like an angel on God Only Knows
  23. Dennis Wilson is on the album….somewhere
  24. Alice Cooper likes it
  25. Chuck Norris likes it…and if he doesn’t it, fans of the album would be prepared to persuade him!
  26. It has theremin
  27. …and train noises
  28. As NME said in 1993, it’s “proof that swooning emotions, pearling harmonies and lines about missing your girl are still valid.”
  29. And as NME said further, it’s proof that we’re all “soft lads and lasses at heart.”
  30. There is weird studio chatter all over Here Today
  31. It still inspires groups today to make great music
  32. It has two instrumentals that say everything through the music
  33. It has bicycle bells
  34. Tony Asher is a great lyricist
  35. It’s the new alternative….melodic, harmonic and meaningful
  36. Despite not being promoted properly by the record company, it has still gone platinum
  37. It has a traditional folk song
  38. It changed music forever
  39. If you don’t get it, takes Brian’s advice on the album….”listen…listen..listen.”
  40. 40 years after its release, it is more appreciated than ever

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