Billy Hinsche Chat Transcript

February 27, 2005

This chat was organised by Susan Lang and took place in the chat room on this page. Susan also put this transcript together, which is an edited version of the full chat. Various greetings, leavings, and other comments that had no bearing on the chat have been removed. Note that Billy Hinsche is "Traveler" in the chat.

Traveler joined the chat at 11:02:16   

Traveler 11:02:26  

Traveler 11:02:34  
BH here

sun 11:03:20  
hi billy! 

STE Profile 11:03:21  
Hi Billy! 

Traveler 11:03:26  
Thanks for joining chat / thanks Susan for hosting 

Tom Profile 11:03:43  
Good morning, Billy! 

Susan Profile 11:04:24  
Okay - hi Billy, and you're very welcome - thanks for being here! My first question is this: When will the DVD be shipping?? 

Ed Roach 11:04:52  
Hey Billy, Ed here.
Was wondering, what became of the McGuinn concert you filmed at UCLA? 

 Traveler 11:05:01  
This week 

Traveler 11:05:16  
Ed --- I have it 

Traveler 11:05:26  
but haven't viewed it yet

Traveler 11:05:39  
still in old format / yet to be transferred 

 Tom Profile 11:05:51  
Can you tell us about the content of the DVD? 

Calsaga 11:05:54  
Hi Billy- its Barb Lang. Thanks for taking the time to chat to us. I can't wait to see your DVD. If I may ask, which Beach Boys/BBs band members appear in each segment of the DVD? 

Traveler 11:06:00  
with Fataar on drums as you recal 

Ed Roach 11:06:00  
I still have lots of photos from that day, too! Let me know if you ever release that. 

Nick Hopkins 11:06:05  
Hi Billy.
Do you have any more info on when/if your biog might be published?
Would you ever consider condensing it into 1 volume if a publisher asked you to? 

 Traveler 11:06:35  
Barb --- Know the Road features all band of '95

 Traveler 11:06:58  
plus Bruce, CW, Mike, Al (momentary shots) 

Kahuna Profile 11:07:04  
Billy ... last time I seen you perform (Strawberry Festival) with Al ... it was'nt much of a blunder (his statement), he was kidding, but City Officials (ol' foggie's) did'nt understand him 

wolkensohn Profile 11:07:11  
Guten Abend Billy, einen herzlichen Gruß aus Oesterreich 

Traveler 11:07:22  
"Million" focuses (pun intended) on DW ! 

Traveler 11:07:28  

Richard Shattuck 11:07:28  
Billy, Thanks for being here. I was wondering if you could shed any light on Carl Wilson's final months, days? Did he get a chance to read his cards and letters? Also, is there any Carl Vault songs that may one day see the light of day? 

vivian 11:07:48  
Hi Billy. Can you briefly explain what a portapak camera is? 

Tom Profile 11:07:57  
By the way, Billy, I have to share this with you: you were my first rock hero some forty years ago. I was about twelve and the idea that someone close to my age was actually recording and touring was so inspirational! 

Traveler 11:07:58  
also includes Fataar, Bobby Fig, Carli, Ed, 

Vivienne 11:08:16  
Billy - so great to have welcomed you to Braintree in Sept, any plans for a return visit? Hopefully not the same stables though! 

Traveler 11:08:30  
'The Match" is CD / DW and band of '75 9same members as above) 

Traveler 11:08:40  
oops CW 

 sun 11:08:53  
ditto what tom says.
but i'm giving away my age. ;-)

Traveler 11:09:20  
so many / try to asnwer all 

Traveler 11:09:53  
PortaPak is ancient system (now) which was precursor to modern-day videocam 

Traveler 11:10:22  
Reel-to-reel (open reel) system, black & white, 30 minute tapes 

vivian 11:10:36  
Billy, what made you chose my pal Dave Beard as your graphic artist on the dvd? 

Steve Latshaw 11:11:03  
I'll help with the portapak... it's b&w 1/2 inch open reel video tape.. .there's only a few playback machines left in the country. it was a bulky rig with a neck-brace style camera mount, all very heavy. Not like today's digital video cams 

 Traveler 11:11:22  
cheers Tom + Sun 

vivian 11:11:40  
Thanks Steve. 

Traveler 11:12:11  
thx Steve (there wouldn't BE a project without Latshaw) 

Susan Profile 11:13:10  
How did the project come about, Billy? Why don't you tell us a little bit about it... 

Kahuna Profile 11:13:13  
Billy ... Beach Boys are playing Ocala/Clearwater 2 shows in one day - are you with them?

Calsaga 11:13:21  
Billy- Thanks so much for sharing your Beach Boys footage with us. Can we expect to see more releases in the future? 

Traveler 11:13:24  
*Possibly* going back to MA for gig @Mohegan Sun with Rico and Pak in a few months 

 Traveler 11:13:44  
More footage / YES! 

Richard Shattuck 11:13:55  
Billy, can you share anything about Carl that most people might not know? Ever thought of writing a book about Carl or the rest of the Beach Boys? 

Steve Latshaw 11:14:03  
One in a Million also features views of the other BBs not seen before - all from that '74 tour - all of this footage is a wonderful opportunity to see these guys together as friends, defenses down, working hard for a common goal - and having a blast doing it.

Traveler 11:14:04  
In a pure documentary style / same era 1974 

Traveler 11:14:24  
includes VDP, Guercio (onstage!) and much more 

vivian 11:14:27  
Billy, are you seriously considering compiling a tv documetary? 

Susan Profile 11:14:45  
Hey!! Mohegan Sun is in CT, thank you very much!!!
Traveler 11:14:56  
for tv 

Traveler 11:15:16  
oops / sorry CT / MA ! 

Carly Denise2 11:15:45  
Hi Billy, thank you for putting this DVD together! I love to see footage of the BB in concert as well as doing other stuff, I am ordering the DVD this afternoon, and cannot wait to get it! 

Ed Roach 11:15:56  
Those were some very special, innocent & wild days, weren't they? 

vivian 11:15:59  
That would be great! Do it! 

Susan Profile 11:15:59  
*G* Don't EVEN say "Same thing..." WE have a GOOD basketball team!

Jim 11:16:09  
Billy-will you attending the Beach Boys Landmark dedication in May?

Traveler 11:16:29  
re: Carl --- could be moody at times / you didn't want to get on his wrong side ! 

Nick Hopkins 11:16:30  
Billy, What news of your biography?
Have any publishers shown any interest?

Traveler 11:16:43  
Hawthorne / yes 

vivian 11:16:43  
Billy, how did Dave Beard get picked as graphic artist?

Traveler 11:17:01  
just got a letter of "rejection" ---OUCH ! 

Calsaga 11:17:15  
Billy- So we can expect to see a new Beach Boys tv documentary in the future? In the US or UK, or both? 

Traveler 11:17:20  
David picked himself !!@#$ 

Traveler 11:18:06  
TV doc will be much more difficult to "pull off" than this DVD whether in US or UK 
vivian 11:18:10  
Really! Nice to volunteer himself.LOL 

Traveler 11:18:21  
this is why I took the appraoch I have with this initial relase 

Tom Profile 11:18:33  
Billy, I caught you in 1974 singing solo on "I'm Waiting for the Day" with the BBs. I'd lobbied hard to get the band to play at my college, amidst much resistance from the concert board. When they finally acquiesced, ticket lines started immediately. 

vivian 11:18:34  
did you say you got a letter of rejection on your book???? 

Nick Hopkins 11:18:38  
Billy, When you were putting together the CW tribute concerts was there ever any possibility of Al, Bruce or Mike being involved? 

Traveler 11:19:10  
Beard did work for me on "BOP" CD and is a fine graphic artist 

Karla Wilkie Profile 11:19:15  
Have the DVD started shipping. I haven't received mine yet 

Traveler 11:19:39  
every year they were inavailable, save for Jarinde (ROXY) '98 

vivian 11:19:43  
Does your MFM Production company do other things than market your materials? 

VW Dude 11:19:46  
Hi Bolly, It's David from Tampa, your Strawberry festival freind! I noticed your DVD is home produced. Do you happen to know which DVD players it is compatible with? Looking forward to ordering a copy. Thanks for being here! 

Traveler 11:19:58  
unavailable / because on tour 

Steve Latshaw 11:19:58  
The DVD ships this week.

Jim 11:20:09  
Billy-Do you think with the release of SMiLE 2004 has finally not only put Brian at ease but regenerated his old time creative spark for future albums? 

vivian 11:20:13  
Yes, Dave is a great person. 

Traveler 11:20:54  
VW / go to my site --- I have gone to GREAT lenghts to explain DVDRs to people. Follow link to site with list of compatibLE / NONCOMBATILBE 

Steve Latshaw 11:21:04  
The DVD will be compatible with most if not all players. It's a DVDr - some much older model players may have trouble playing the discs - but these days DVD players are DVDr compatible.

Traveler 11:21:27  
RE: bw / yes --- I hear he is VERY JAZZED about his grammy 

vivian 11:21:39  
Is this the direction Billy, you'd like for your career to take now....more into the production part rather than touring? 

Susan Profile 11:22:38  
Dave is trying to get into the room, but somehow it's not cooperating...i hope he can get here. Same with AGD

Traveler 11:22:42  
DVD is not "home produced", rather "professionaly produce" at best facilities in LA 

vivian 11:23:20  
I've heard so much about one in a million vivian 11:23:03  
i can't wait to get mine

Traveler 11:23:38  
I like being diversified 

Susan Profile 11:24:04  
"One in a Million" is just lovely...there were more than a few tears when we screened it in Santa Monica at DennyBash... 

Carly Denise2 11:24:09  
Billy, how are Justyn and Jonah doing? Is Justyn still playing with "In Bloom"? 

vivian 11:24:14  
Is Ricci adding more tour dates for the summer? 
Traveler 11:24:21  
I know BW is planning another album but am not at liberty to reveal anything more 

Traveler 11:24:36  
go to 

Steve Latshaw 11:24:44  
Billy approaches the filmmaking process with the enthusiasm and passion of a UCLA Film School Grad - which he is. He's as focused and prepared as some of the best directors I've worked with. Various editors I've hooked him up with have been stunned by his speed and precision when it comes to cutting decisions. 

 Traveler 11:24:55  
J&J are just fine, thx 

vivian 11:25:00  
I liked the song on Junstar's cd, so I know it will be great. 

 Langley Fisher 11:25:06  
Hi Billy - it was one of my favourite moments at the Denny Bash 

Traveler 11:25:18  
In Bloom will perform during Hawthorne week 

Jon Stone Profile 11:25:58  
hello, friends

hi, Billy...I bought a Dino, Desi, & Billy single back in 196 um....called 'The Rebel Kind'. I read you were thinking of releasing some DDB studio stuff in conjunction with working with Ricci. What's the status of that?

 Traveler 11:26:01  
Thx Steve --- I believe in preparation = time / cost saving 

vivian 11:26:06  
Billy, did you always have an interest in photography video work even while performing with Dino and Desi? 

Kahuna Profile 11:26:20  
Last I heard Brian was either going to do a Children's type album or go completley rock ... he's been wanting to do another album

Karla Wilkie Profile 11:26:23  
So, In Bloom in planning a perforamce one of the nights - 

Traveler 11:26:26  
actually it is with desi -- but he moves like a snail ! 

vivian 11:26:47  
Any chance there is some residual video of that era in your life? 

 Traveler 11:26:57  
I will continue to "shop" my book / thx / need a smaller outlet to handle it, methinks 

Ed Roach 11:27:00  
Jonah has company in real estate -
Annie just showed me an ad for Nick Stabile -

Nick Hopkins 11:27:11  
Billy, do you know if Al has been doing any new recording recently?
Did you appear on any of his unreleased tracks including 'Highway 101' or 'Islands In The Sun'? 

Susan Profile 11:27:21  
Billy, what IS the URL for your web page? 

 Traveler 11:27:40  
Jardine doing the kid stuff 

 Traveler 11:28:09  
an ad? 

vivian 11:28:20  
I have Al's book on preorder from Amazon We'll see. 

vivian 11:28:58  
don't give up on the writing Billy. You have a gift for it. and so much to share.

 Ed Roach 11:29:01  
For Coldwell Banker, in Sunday's Home section 

Vivienne 11:29:03  
Susan - message from Sue....several people stuck in lobby and cant get into here. Trying by re-registering 

Traveler 11:29:06  
I didn't work.......etc 

 vivian 11:29:20  
I plan to read it to my class when I get it. 

Traveler 11:29:26  
nor did I work on "Islands" (I think !) 

VW Dude 11:29:29  
Billy, I didn't mean to sound negative about your DVD. What I meant was that the site says it is on DVD-R which means that it is not a commercially mass produced DVD. I know my player will not play some DVDr's but will play others. I was just wondering about that issue. 

Traveler 11:29:47  
a few Jardine gigs upcoming / Ft. Walton / end of March 

vivian 11:30:07  
Hey Bill, if you hadn't been who you are what would you have done for a living??? 

Traveler 11:30:18  
VW - you need to read my site 

AGD 11:30:42  
Jesus it's easier to get into the Buckingham palace that to get into here. Yo, Billy. 

Nick Hopkins 11:30:46  
Billy, which is your favourite BB song that you ever appeared on?
Also what's the favourite song you've written yourself? 

Ed Roach 11:30:47  
You are a talented writer; glad to hear you're looking for a publisher, rather than self-publishing 

Susan Profile 11:30:52  
Yes, i'm aware of that and i don't know why it's happening...registering a new name is the best advice i can offer at this point, Vivienne... 

Traveler 11:31:01  
Jonah now with Sothebys of BH 

vivian 11:31:25  
The dvd r should work on most newer dvd players

Ed Roach 11:31:47  
I know; he had a great full page in Variety recently! 

vivian 11:32:04  
How much do you help Justyn in his music? 

Traveler 11:32:07  
"Honkin' Down the Hiway !" was really fun / too bad Landy had my vocal replaced (Mr. Big Shot) 

sun 11:32:09  
what's your url, billy? 

Carly Denise2 11:32:16  
Billy, I have your instructional tape on how to play the BB songs on piano, and just love it, you make it easy to learn the songs; did you and Annie take piano lessons as kids, and for how many years? 

Steve Latshaw 11:32:46  
Regarding DVD vs DVDr - in order to be cost effective - one has to order a minimum of 2000 units to go full DVD. Any less and the per disc price skyrockets to an astronomical price. As this is a limited edition release - the only way to bring it to the public in this format is via DVDr.

 AGD 11:32:49  
Aaaaaaahhh - always wondered about that. Something for the 3rd edition of the ComGuide ! 

Traveler 11:32:49  
In Bloom are independant of me 

Calsaga 11:32:55  
Billy and Ed Roach- Do either of you plan to attend Susan's BB Fan Convention this summer? 

sun 11:33:01  
musically, how close do you think the smile cd is to the original? 

 Traveler 11:33:15  
cheers AGD 

vivian 11:33:16  
Carly, I have that video also of play BB songs. My fingers won't stretch as far as Billy's on the keyboard tho. 

Carly Denise2 11:33:57  
LOL I had some cramped fingers at first, but really got those fingers stretched out eventually 

SueUK 11:34:17  
Hello Billy, how are you? Just to say that we really enjoyed seeing you in Braintree UK last September, and would like to know if you are planning to come back again this year, also will you be at the Beach Boys Landmark Ceremony in May. There's quite a few of us flying over for it. 

vivian 11:34:34  
I love the video though. Billy's got some good stories to share on it. 

Jim 11:34:38  
Landy had some control over Love You? 

 vivian 11:35:04  
Billy, I think you should make Susan's summer event. 

Ed Roach 11:35:20  
Billy, you really got to stretch out with that band, with Carter, before Guercio. One of the best BB line-ups, eh? 

 Traveler 11:35:33  
smile very close / and I LOVE it --- 

VW Dude 11:35:33  
Billy, LOL, I read the site. Forgive me if my question seemed out of place. 

 Traveler 11:35:46  
just got booted / sorry back now 

Steve Latshaw 11:35:52  
Folks - Billy jost got booted. He is trying to get back in as we speak 

Traveler 11:36:01  
no worries VW

VW Dude 11:36:35 To view Billy's DVD information. 

 Jim 11:36:39  
Landy had some control over Love You? 

 Traveler 11:36:44  
great band with Carter / Guercio no slouch either! 

sun 11:36:55  
for the people who just joined (and me!) can you post your url so we can read more about the release? 

Traveler 11:36:58  
Carter was CW's favorite bass player 

Nick Hopkins 11:37:06  
Billy, If the BBs ever release any more live DVDs would you offer up your footage to be used as extras? 

Traveler 11:37:11  
Fataar CW's favorite drummer 

sun 11:37:12  
thanks vw! 

Susan Profile 11:37:33  
David Beard is having a hell of a hard time getting in, Billy, and he sends his regrets. I'm hoping he'll still make it...i know he really wants to be here.

 Steve Latshaw 11:37:37  
Billy - I actually haven't been able to ask you this question - during THE MATCH - who are the background singers on Ed Carter's song?

Ed Roach 11:37:45  
I know, and there's no doubting what he did.
Just was a lot more fun, when you guys really got to rock out! 

Traveler 11:37:45  
BRI is fully aware of the existence of my footage / yes 

Kahuna Profile 11:38:08  
gee I'm going to 58 in July ... kind of amazed at the interest the younger people show ... must blow the minds of Brian and Mike as well 

 Traveler 11:38:16  
bg singers are ........ (good question) 

 VW Dude 11:38:30  
Billy, so you will be at the Ft. Walton gig? Who's in the band currently? I haven't seen you guys since Stone Mountain Georgia back in 1999! 

 Traveler 11:38:35  
BH, Fig, Fataar, I think 

jukka Profile 11:38:46  
did you play on kokomo? 

Jim 11:38:47  
Was Carl close at all with his father-in-law (Dean Martin), if so did Dean dig The Beach Boys? 

Traveler 11:38:56  
same lineup for Jardine as always 

Traveler 11:39:06  
Cannata unavaiable for this one date 

Ed Roach 11:39:11  
What was that band that Carter had, used to play The Scotch & Sirloin? After he left the band..

Traveler 11:39:28  
no on Kokomo / was in video only 

Brian Barry 11:39:44  
and the room became full just like that! A big Hello Billy from Scotland

Traveler 11:39:52  
that band included Mark Bookin / who works with Wallecki 

Traveler 11:40:06  
Cheers Brian Berry ! 

Traveler 11:40:14  

SueUK 11:40:45  
Hello Billy, how are you? Posted this again, as it's lost right at the bottom now. Just to say that we really enjoyed seeing you in Braintree UK last September, and would like to know if you are planning to come back again this year, also will you be at the Beach Boys Landmark Ceremony in May. There's quite a few of us flying over for it. 

Traveler 11:40:57  
No one was "close" to Dean ....... 

Jim 11:41:22  
Hi Sue, Billy mentioned earlier he will be at the Lanmark dedication 

 Bri Davies 11:41:23  
HI Billy, did Phil Cooper forward some questions for 20/20? 

VW Dude 11:41:35  
Billy, I heard that THE BEACH BOYS recorded some of their live shows from the 1993-94 "BOX SET tour. Do you know why these shows were never released? I'd love to hear one of those shows! Unfortunately, the group bypassed my area back then. 

Traveler 11:41:51  
ooops / mistook Braintree for MA city, near CT, sort of [ Sue ] 

Ed Roach 11:42:02  
Nick S. brought back some great memories of "Main Squeeze", too. Now there was another band! 

Traveler 11:42:09  
20/20 not yet Bri 

Traveler 11:42:48  
"Acoustic / Unplugged" tour SO INCREDIBLE 

Traveler 11:42:59  
dunno status

cake Profile 11:43:11  
that sounds rather ominous 'no one was close to Dean' Understood :) 

 vivian 11:43:16  
Billy, how's Annie doing? 

Bri Davies 11:43:18  
no problem, I sent 'em Friday so they should be there soon..

Traveler 11:43:41  
Hawthorne / yes / I'll be there 

Carly Denise2 11:43:59  
Ed, you were so close to Denny, have you ever thought of writing a book about your experiences in the music industry as well as your expiences with Denny and the BB? 

Jim 11:44:49  
Isn't Dennis awesome on the Knebworth DVD?

 Traveler 11:44:50  
Annie is fine 

Tom Profile 11:45:07  
It's a pity there weren't more live releases throughout the 70s and 80s as well, especially as they had interesting material to offer-from "Okie from Muscogee" to car song medleys and various guest stars. 

AGD 11:45:13  
Billy, what's the odds on Alan coming over to the UK, well, ever ? Bri Davies 11:45:27  
By the way , Ed, I sent you a mail recently wonderding if you were intetrested in an interview for my 20/20 fanzine - did you get it? i'd love to feature a chat with you... 

 Ed Roach 11:45:29  
Yes, I actually have. Need to do a re-write, then illustrate, then search for a publisher! 

vivian 11:45:41  
Billy, what was your most favorite year of touring with the Bbs

Carly Denise2 11:45:49  
Denny was incredible at Knebworth! I love the footage when he kisses Brian on the back of the head :) 

wolkensohn Profile 11:45:52  
Billy, I am just listening to the live Verson of "Heaven", where you played!! Great work. Have you also played on the studio version? 

Calsaga 11:45:55  
Billy- When you stopped touring with the Beach Boys did you miss it as much as many of us missed seeing/hearing you perform with them? 

 Langley Fisher 11:46:23  
Hi Ed, We're all waiting for that book! 

Ed Roach 11:46:27  
Bri - just actually saw it yesterday. Will write to you today, o.k.? 

Traveler 11:46:27  
Thx / didn't play on studio version "Heaven" 

SueUK 11:46:30  
Good Question About Alan - AGD would love to know too.

JK 11:46:42  
Hey Bill I'm coming over to Vegas in a month to hook up with my friends Tripsitter and Joe Lewis are you going to be in town 

Traveler 11:46:49  
only studio cut was "Night Alone" 

Vivienne 11:47:07  
Serious respect to anyone who tackles answering questions in this format - my head is spinning, lol!!!

Traveler 11:47:23  
seeing Tripsitter this Thurs @ HOB (House of Blues) Vegas / cheers 

Carly Denise2 11:47:24  
THAT IS GREAT ED!!!! Can't wait, is there a website we can check in with to see when it will be for sale? 

Ed Roach 11:47:24  
How do you like living there, Billy? 

Traveler 11:47:36  
great Vegas band / ala BBs 

 wolkensohn Profile 11:47:38  
oh, that must be the reason why I don´t like the studio version ;-)  

sun 11:47:48  
billy, what years did you tour with the bbs? 

Traveler 11:47:56  
Vegas "understands" me !@#$ 

Langley Fisher 11:48:23  
Yeah - I read the answers but can't remember the question. 

Traveler 11:48:23  
I toured 70s, 80s 90s 

 vivian 11:48:42  
know what you mean Vivienne. I have a hard time keeping up with this. 

 Traveler 11:48:44  
Cheers Langley 

Nick Hopkins 11:49:07  
Billy, What was your opinion of Gettin In Over My Head?
Have you heard Mike's new solo album? 

sun 11:49:22  
thanks, billy. i have to go, but this was wonderful! 

Jim 11:49:47  
Billy-looking back, is there anything you would change? 

VW Dude 11:49:49  
Billy, I realize that it's still probably difficult to talk about Carl's passing, but can you give us any details as to what was going on with the Beach Boys during Carl's final months of touring? 

Brian Barry 11:50:31  
Seen much of Jeff recently? He looks in good shape. 

Traveler 11:50:41  
Jim, I would change my socks more often ....

 Ed Roach 11:50:47  
Suze: O.T. See what UCLA is doing to ND? 

wolkensohn Profile 11:50:55  
Just one question...where can I order Billys DVD? 

Jim 11:50:55  
LoL    ok

 Traveler 11:50:59  
BBs just kept working when Mike brought David in 

cake Profile 11:51:17  
I knew there was something I liked about you, Traveler :) 

Traveler 11:51:30 

Jim 11:52:05  
How long with the DVDr be available for sale? 

Traveler 11:53:07  
bye, sun

Brian Barry 11:53:07  
What US President that you played for dug the Beach Boys the most do you reckon? 

Traveler 11:53:37  
REAGAN as pres really helped us 

Susan Profile 11:53:37  
Eddie - yeah, i was going to mention it, but i'm working up a sweat here trying to archive this, and answer emails from folks who can't get it - - they're taking taking it to the Irish, and that's just FINE by me!!! 
Bri Davies 11:53:42  
Billy, are you still a big fan of English Mustard? 

Traveler 11:53:59  
but BUSH as pres was really good to us too / hard to say 

 Traveler 11:54:22  
I love my English mustard, thank you veddy much 

Steve Latshaw 11:54:39  
Didn't you guys play for Gerald Ford, too? For Susan's prom? 

Traveler 11:54:50  
only "Coleman's" will do ! 

Bri Davies 11:55:33  
almost as good as Twinings tea, eh Billy - remember that phone conversation? 

Tom Profile 11:55:37  
Can you elaborate as to how Reagan and Bush helped you? 

Traveler 11:55:48  
DVD will be available (in first limited run) untill all units are sold 

Brian Barry 11:56:03  
Did you hear about the cops busting us at the hotel after the Braintree gig? 

 Jim 11:56:04  
ok   thanks

vivian 11:56:06  
Billy, how's Jeff Foskett doing? Staying healthy I hope

Traveler 11:56:09  
REAGAN "fixed" the Watt problem 

Traveler 11:56:21  
BUSH was right there by his side as VP 

 Ed Roach 11:56:43  
Billy, was that 'Vegas/BB' band in answer to Main Squeeze? Some fond memories for you from that band, no?

Traveler 11:57:03  
BUSH went to REAGAN to "clear" DW's special circumstance when he passed in '83 (so I understand it) 

cake Profile 11:57:32  
Those "bad element" beach boys fans, Brian Barry? 

Tom Profile 11:57:36  
Oh yes, the famous golden foot incident! 

Traveler 11:57:36  
BUSH invited us to also play his Inaugural 

vivian 11:57:44  
Billy , what was the name of the band you and Ricci and Wayne Tweed used to be in in the 70's or early 80s.? 

Carly Denise2 11:57:47  
Billy, what was your fondest memory of Carl? 

 Traveler 11:57:57  
BUSH = a VERY decent man 

Nick Hopkins 11:58:14  
Billy, Do you keep in contact with Bruce?
Did you give him a call when he had his op? 

 Susan Profile 11:58:10  
Ah - so that was Bush Senior's doing? Interesting 

Traveler 11:58:24  
I liked him a lot / never met Dutch Reagan but played for him and Nancy as you all know

Ed Roach 11:58:49  
BUSH was the one; stemmed from you guys playing for him, after the Watt controversery. He sent Dennis a letter, offering "Anything he could do"...
Shawn & I took him up on it!

Jim 11:59:06  
While we are all here, I would like to thank Billy, Ed Roach, AGD and the other insiders that have helped make the Beach Boys a magical trip for all of us fan's! 

Traveler 11:59:06  
must close very soon and head out on that old hiway once again........... 

Steve Latshaw 11:59:15  
Was it Lorelei Germany, 1993, and those missed piano notes on "Hushabye?" 

Traveler 11:59:20  
Cheers Jim

vivian 12:00:02  
Thanks Billy for coming by to chat. Great luck on your dvd sales. Hope mine arrives this week. Take Care 

wolkensohn Profile 12:00:06  
Germany... Schön, ist es auf der Welt zu sein... 

Jim 12:00:24  
Cheers to you, sir 

Karla Wilkie Profile 12:00:29  
Thanks for the chat Billy, looking forward to seeing you again in May 

Kahuna Profile 12:00:33  
step on the gas she goes wahhhhh ..... my old exit saying in the cabin 

Susan Profile 12:00:33  
Billy, Val of BBB was hoping to be able to get here, but asked me to tell you Hi from her in case she wasn't able to...which it appears she wasn't. So...hi from Val! 

Tom Profile 12:00:33  
Thank you so much for your time, Billy. 

Ed Roach 12:00:45  
Thank you so much Billy.
Only 2nd. time I've been to 'one of thses things', and this was fun! 

AGD 12:00:59  
Oh, hey, I'm not an insider - just a fan with a way too inquisitive spirit. Thanks. 

Traveler 12:00:59  
fondest memory.............much too difficult, sorry 

Brian Barry 12:01:04  
Cheers Billy, take care. 

Andrew23 12:01:04  
Thanks for the chatting...from the cabin staff! 
Kahuna Profile 12:01:16  
yes thanks for taking the time 

cake Profile 12:01:17  
Before everyone goes, ya'll don't forget the Cabin is available for chat 24/7

And since I didn't have a question, my little one does...she's 8 years old and asks "who was the All Time funniest Beach Boy? (and don't say John Stamos-she adds :)

jen 12:01:28  
thank you billy 

wolkensohn Profile 12:01:30  
take care billy, and good luck 

Jim 12:01:34  
Yw, AGD 

 Vivienne 12:01:36  
Thank you VERY much - you're a star!! 

Langley Fisher 12:01:38  
Thank you Billy - it's been great. Thanks everyone! 

Traveler 12:01:42  
well, the big hand is pointing to 12:00 -- so I will say adieu, goodbye, au revoir, aloha, fair thee well --- I'm outa' here !!! 

Susan Profile 12:02:59  
Billy, thank you so much for coming in for a scheduled chat. You're welcome to drop in anytime, and we hope you will do so!

Same to everyone else, of would be great to get this chat hopping again with BB fans!

Eddie - thanks for that. I never knew how Dennis' burial at sea came to be.

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