Second Billy Hinsche Chat Transcript

What follows here is a transcript of a chat held on Saturday, 4 March 2006.  The purpose of the chat was so Billy could talk about his upcoming CD release, Mixed Messages.  That chat was hosted, and subsequently transcribed, by Susan Lang.

Hobie 19:59:08 
Hi folks - Susan here. Glad you all could make it!

viv 19:59:33 
Good to be here.

beachdan 19:59:35 
hi susan

Tomonori 19:59:36 
Hello everybody from Japan!

Lee M 19:59:46 
So...I'd like a double rum and coke with a twist of lime.

BH joined the chat at 19:59:49

Wind Chimes 20:00:01 
Hello Susan. Did I get the time wrong? I'd thought this was planned for 1:00-2:00 EST. Did I do a whoopsie daisy? (egads)

BH 20:00:07 

viv 20:00:12 
Hi Billy. Thanks for coming.

Wind Chimes 20:00:24 
Hi Billy.

BH 20:00:31 
Thank *you*

viv 20:00:32 
Tell us about the cd.

Terri Westerman 20:00:35 
have there been any topics that Billy is especially interested to talk about? Or not talk about? Does anyone know?

beachdan 20:00:39 
Susan ty for posting this chat on do it again

Rick Howard 20:00:39 
Hi Billy

BH 20:00:46 
Hello all

Tomonori 20:00:47 
I met Billy in 1991 when BB came to Japan.

 Hobie 20:01:03 
And there's Billy.

Let's start this off by talking about the new discs, Billy - what made you decide to collect them together and release them?

BH 20:01:12 
domo arigato

beachdan 20:01:13 
hi BH

Terri Westerman 20:01:17 
Hi Billy..thanks for coming!

Tomonori 20:01:19 

BH 20:01:43 
tired of just looking at them, playing for friends, gathering dust........

BH 20:02:15 
I had some time off and took several months to put it all together

viv 20:02:15 
I see several of my old favorites from the DD& B years.

Hobie 20:02:19 
The chat was scheduled for 2 PM eastern. And you're welcome, Beach Dan!

Wind Chimes 20:02:35 
LOL. Better to have them out in the world where people can hear them!

Sabine bohnbohn joined the chat at 20:02:46

BH 20:02:49 
Really have *more* tunes, but these were the best of the bunch

BH 20:03:03 
Enough for another CD fr sure......

Tomonori 20:03:09 
I can't forget Billy wore "Goukaku" headband at "Wipeout"!! Ha-ha!

BH 20:03:32 
Gutten Tag, Sabine, meine Artist freund !

viv 20:03:33 
Can you name one or two that stand out as being particularly special to you in some way?

BH 20:04:13 
Tomonori --- u will therefore enjoy "FBI WIPEOUT"

Tomonori 20:04:57 
Now 4AM in Japan. I'm sleepy but I'm hanging on for BH!

Rick Howard 20:05:04 
How do we order your CD?

BH 20:05:09 
"Merima" most recent / like it a lot

Hobie 20:05:14 
That one's a lot of fun - what made you think to do that, Billy?

viv 20:05:40 
Merima sounded good on the sound byte

BH 20:05:43 
please visit:

BH 20:05:59 
is that addy long enough for you ? !

Rick Howard 20:06:27 
I got it, thank you, I will go there after this

BH 20:07:03 
anyone like to ask Sabine about the wonderful Atwork ? / go ahead

viv 20:07:07 
Billy, have you thought about doing more writing for ESQ?

Hobie 20:07:08 
Billy, would you tell us how you hooked up with Senator Hatch? That's a really weird combination, if you don't mind my saying so...i'd love to hear the story behind it!

viv 20:08:03 
Sabine, the artwork for the new cd is unique as well as the one for BOP what about Billy inspired you to create it as you did?

Hobie 20:08:08 
It IS lovely - i've only seen the one piece on the website, but it's very well suited to the collection. How did you hook up with Billy, Sabine?

Lee M 20:08:22 
Billy...Up here in Canada...there are NO radio stations *I'm* aware of that play the kind[s] of music we prefer to listen to...the kind you've been involved in making. Oldies guys play GOLDEN oldies. Interesting music doesn't get heard. It must be a real pain promoting your projects to the masses.

BH 20:08:24 
full article will appear in ESQ re: Hatch

viv 20:08:37 
Super Billy!

BH 20:08:48 
in brief: met him at Utah fundraiser

BH 20:09:31 
I don't really go for the masses, so much, Lee --- just the Canadians !

viv 20:09:38 
Well, Sabine, it's very nice....AND interesting.

BH 20:09:53 
I love Canada !

viv 20:09:58 
Billy, are you still teaching music?

Wind Chimes 20:10:02 
Billy, do you really prefer writing or performing?

BH 20:10:15 
Hatch asked me if I would co-write music to his lyrics

BH 20:10:43 
Hatch is an avid writer of books (fiction) and religously oriented lyrics (songs)

BH 20:11:20 
we have written 6 total in 1995

viv 20:11:25 
That was an interesting hookup with Hatch. I haven't heard him sing but I understand he has a good voice.

BH 20:11:45 
Hatch is a real decent man and my friend, for sure

Terri Westerman 20:11:50 
Wait a minute. Orrin Hatch writing song lyrics?!?!?! I'm really having trouble picturing that. But I don't get out much LOL

BH 20:12:10 
Major force in Senate as pro-active for Artists, writrs, etc. protecting their rights

viv 20:12:14 
I feel like I'm the only one asking questions. Sorry don't mean to monopolize the chat.

BH 20:12:55 
Terri --- neither do I....but when I go out....I GO OUT !!!

viv 20:13:02 
I noticed the DM Trib site has been down for a while. What's happening there?

Surfer Girl joined the chat at 20:13:13  

Hobie 20:13:48 
Do you still see him and work with him, Billy? Or is the Hatch collaboration a thing of the past?

BH 20:14:06 
Wind Chimes --- I *really* like performing as it is so immediate and full of energy and interaction......

Rick Howard 20:14:09 
Hey Billy, was it hard to transfer the old format of your recordings into a CD? I don't know how that works.

BH 20:14:17 
Writing is so much more solitary

Terri Westerman 20:14:23 
Billy, Are you working with Mr. Hatch on the issue of protecting artists' rights and if so, can you tell us what capacity you're involved on the issue?

BH 20:14:28 
but also so very fulfilling

Tomonori 20:14:45 
I don't care,viv.I'm now saving this chat for Japan Beach Boys Fan Club.

BH 20:14:54 
Sabine, viel kusse, auf vedersehen

Sabine bohnbohn left the chat at 20:15:35

Hobie 20:15:40 
Hi Katie, if that's you.

Billy, in listening to both Bay of Plenty and this new collection, it struck me that you are really, really grounded in a solid pop sensibility, and i mean that in a good way. Other than the Hawthorne cats you played with for years and years, who are your other influences?

BH 20:15:57 
I am not w*rking with Hatch --- he has it under control. But my buddy, David Pack (Ambrosia) has spoken in front of Hatch and other Senators in DC

Wind Chimes 20:16:01 
I'll keep an eye on your schedule and see when you'll be anywhere near Michigan, Billy. I'm fairly new to this and have missed so much already. John Hunter Phillips could not be with us today but asked me to say hello.

Lee M 20:16:02 
RE: writing...if it comes like a flow/more easily...does it w*rk out to be a better song for/from you? If you have to stop/think/figure does it pan out as often?

BH 20:16:36 
Hello JHP / come to the CWF Golf Scramble in Aug / Michigan

BH 20:17:20 
I love it when song comes quickly like "Merima" and "With this Heart"

Tomonori 20:17:23 
Billy, what can I do to call USA Legends for Japan Tour?

BH 20:17:37 
Struggled with "One in a Million" for 20 years !

viv 20:18:02 
And a USA Legends tour for the good old USA!

Wind Chimes 20:18:13 
JHP's not in Michigan, but I am. I think my friend's sister-in-law organizes that Golf thing. In August, is it? I'll see you there, then. Something to look forward to.

BH 20:18:43 
Hobie --- yes, pop oriented. I listen primarily to New Country as I appreciate the thought that went into lyrics, excellent musicianship, etc. You know, just like a real song !

Rick Howard 20:19:36 
There is nothing better than GOOD pop music.

BH 20:20:09 
USA Legends in Japan would be wonderful

Wind Chimes 20:20:09 
Do you keep a sheet to jot down titles as they come to you? Or do you trust your memory to hold them for you?

Tomonori 20:20:19 
I became friends with Scott Bennett a couple of years ago but recently he made no reply for my emails.

BH 20:20:57 
We would go there if you had the Yen (haha --- a little "play on words")

BH 20:21:29 
you can send me message on

BH 20:22:10 
WC: If a title strikes me, I will usually remember it.

viv 20:22:24 
How's the w*rk on future videos coming along?

BH 20:22:44 
Titles are may the *most important* thing ina song as a springboard for everything else that surrounds it

BH 20:22:56 
maybe / not may

Lee M 20:23:00 
This must be difficult to deal with...20 different questions from 20 directions all at any rate BH...Over the long haul...all the way back to DD&B up to right now...1} What's the highlight of your career so far ... AND ... 2} What would be your biggest regret?

viv 20:23:31 
Good question Lee.

BH 20:24:01 
working on Paris and Nicky DVD now

Wind Chimes 20:24:02 
When a title comes to you, Billy, do you usually also get the beat at the same time? The pacing?

Tomonori 20:24:02 
Thanks,Billy. I'll find a promoter who would be interested in you.

Hobie 20:24:28 
Have you seen those Tripsitter boys lately? How did you happen to find them?

BH 20:24:30 
also working on DVD project with Alan Boyd re: old footage of BBs from 1974

viv 20:24:53 
Paris and Nicky hmmm. Tell the truth...were they easy to work with on the video?

BH 20:25:04 
Tripsitter boys opened for America at House of Blues in Vegas / thought they were wonderful

BH 20:25:29 
Lee: You ask such easy questions !

viv 20:26:03 
Great , we'll look forward to that Hinsche/Boyd production.

Hobie 20:26:42 
Does the Boyd project use your footage?

BH 20:26:49 
"Hotel Tips for Teens" is title when the Hiltons were teens themselves / shot in 1995 as an accompaniment to "Know the Road" (for kids)

BH 20:27:11 
Playing for the Presidents was such an honor

BH 20:27:25 
Live Aid was huge for me

viv 20:27:30 
Know the road was an interesting video. Quite humorous too.

BH 20:27:51 
Boyd project is my footage, yes

BH 20:27:59 

BH 20:28:23 
I also loved singing "Hearts" with Carl, Denny, Mike and Al

viv 20:28:29 
Billy, there's always banter among BB fans about a book being written about Carl. Do you ever think you could find it within yourself to write one on him?

BH 20:28:37 
Made me feel like a real Beach Boy !

Lee M 20:28:45 
Ah yes...the Presidents...5, 10, 15, 20, 25 Years of Love. (-./.o)

Terri Westerman 20:29:14 
That's interesting--a career spanning as many years as yours has--to have no regrets is quite a feat!

viv 20:29:18 
Billy you were a real BB!

 Wind Chimes 20:29:18 
No regrets. I love that. Made me smile, Billy.

BH 20:29:40 
WC: writing songs comes from all over the place / nothing in any particular order re: beat or pace

BH 20:30:23 
Book-writing on hold. I like immediacy of film better

Terri Westerman 20:30:35 
I'm holding my breath waiting to hear Billy's response to the possibility of seeing a "Carl" book..!!

Rick Howard 20:31:04 
What about the book you were working on?

viv 20:31:05 
Billy, Dino was always a favorite of mine. He still is greatly missed. Do you see much of his family other than Ricci?

beachdan 20:31:11 
on your website you have a picture taken with peter noon and Al Jardine i was at that concert at Syracuse NY That was a good concert Billy

BH 20:31:34 
Boyd has always like something I did called PROJECT 1

BH 20:31:57 
Color film of boys which was like my thesis at UCLA film / TV school

BH 20:32:15 
much of it used in all documentaries thus far on BBs and BW

BH 20:32:38 
shots of Van Dyke, carl at Brother studio, Dennis backstage, etc

BH 20:33:12 
Hey BchDan --- Noone is a great guy !

marco joined the chat at 20:34:13

BH 20:34:23 
I don't see anyone unless they come to Vegas !

BH 20:35:22 
Hi Marco

viv 20:35:23 
Billy, name some of your favorite artists now? Also, do you get to see lots of old music buddies in Vegas?

Hobie 20:35:39 
Once you've got this CD set released and moving, what's your next project, Billy? Besides the thing with Boyd, i mean...

Wind Chimes 20:35:40 
Hello Marco. Billy, doesn't everyone come to Vegas sooner or later?

Rick Howard 20:35:45 
Do you have liner notes with your CD?

BH 20:36:02 
Everyone comes here eventually and I see them all

BH 20:36:32 
America, Chicago, Ambrosia, Bill Medley, etc.

Lee M 20:36:41 
I got to know Peter Noone a little bit back about 20 years ago. He was quite a fan of Brian's...and the BBs. Loyal too. I have to tell you Billy...Carl was a terrific man. I miss him greatly. Thanks for all you've contributed so wise and thanks for this session today. I look forward to purchasing and receiving the new project release. Thanks and ALL the best.

BH 20:36:53 
RH: liners can be found at my website

viv 20:37:29 
Billy, you probably have a huge picture archive. Can you think of one particular picture that you cherish most of you and the BB?

BH 20:37:30 
Cheers Lee --- of course, I miss Carl a lot too

BH 20:38:07 
Fave photo is one of me during DD&B.........

viv 20:38:30 
Billy, some of the proceeds of the cd sales go to CWF , correct?

BH 20:39:00 
I am onstage in the middle of a song, pretty girl is hanking on my leg, as big cop yanks on hers trying to pull her off me.... classic scene

Wind Chimes 20:39:01 
Are you ever in contact with Brian these days, Billy?

viv 20:39:21 

 BH 20:39:31 
I have contact with BW once in a while, yes

Wind Chimes 20:39:56 
I LOVE the image of that picture of the girl hanging onto your leg. Can we see that anywhere?

BH 20:40:22 
info on CWF is in liners / on my website

viv 20:40:53 
One of the biggest memories of my life was the surprise visit to Brian's house on the historic tour. Did Brian influence you more in writing or performing?

Wind Chimes 20:40:53 
I think all of us ladies need to go to Billy's next concert and re-create that photo! Too good to pass up.

BH 20:41:02 
photo was originally on front page of Washington Post. The girl got in trouble with her folks for that shot, so I am told (circa '66)

BH 20:41:47 
It is framed in my office now

viv 20:41:49 
Aw, Billy was a lady killer then

Terri Westerman 20:42:44 
Billy, any chance you'd be stopping by the Hodad in MI over Memorial Day weekend?

BH 20:43:18 
no plans for that

viv 20:43:49 
Well, Billy, what are you doing this summer? Any Al things going on?

marco 20:44:09 
Hi Billy; just a quick thanks for your role in the BB shows
in the especially in the "comeback"period of the 70s. Did you also play on sessions too. How did you first hook up with them?

BH 20:44:27 
Jardine show Cerritos on 17th

Wind Chimes 20:44:29 
I have to go (I'm late now) but want to thank everybody, and especially you, Billy, for a wonderful time. I hope you will do this again, Billy. I've enjoyed it immensely. Vicky

BH 20:44:40 
Martin show in FL end of month

BH 20:44:58 
u r welcome !

Hobie 20:45:24 
Thanks for coming by, Wind Chimes.

BH 20:45:48 
Marco: first played / w*rked with BBs in '65 "Party" album / harominca on "Mt. of Love"

viv 20:46:01 
Wayne Tweed has been a friend of yours for a long time. Did he influence writing "Me and My Pillow" as a children's song?

BH 20:46:20 
My old group used to "open" for BBs in same year (Dino, Desi & Billy)

BH 20:46:56 
Played and sang on a few sessions, yes

beachdan 20:47:18 
i have to go thank's Susan and Billy and Billy im looking forward to seeing you guys in Syracuse in the furcture

viv 20:47:19 
I still remember the old Royal Crown Cola commercial from the Hollywood Bowl. Did you really drink that stuff?

BH 20:47:26 
Tweed my engineer only on "Pillow"

BH 20:47:46 
ok BchDan / later

Hobie 20:48:00 
You're very welcome, Dan - thanks for coming by.

viv 20:48:16 
He(Wayne) was a good performer in the Trib show. I enjoyed him.

BH 20:48:50 
PS --- CD will include 8 small photos (not shown in liners)

Hobie 20:49:31 
Billy, a couple of people wanted to be here but couldn't, and asked me to tell you Hello from them - Karla in Minnesota, as well as Carrie and David - who are in Alaska watching the opening ceremony of the Iditarod as we type!

BH 20:49:35 
Extensive article also in ESQ with photos too

BH 20:49:58 
Karla / ok

viv 20:50:07 
Pics---yeah. I remember one of the old DD& B albums had pics that could be cut out. They laundered my wall as a 14 yr.old.

BH 20:50:13 
David & Carrie / ok

BH 20:50:41 
David's book should be very interesting

BH 20:51:06 
Stebbins asked me to write a small piece for the Foreward, which I was happy to do

Tomonori 20:51:22 
Billy, what are you involved in BB's live and individual new songs album coming this year?

viv 20:51:35 
You're a good writer. We hope you'll find time to do more of it.

Conrad Callan joined the chat at 20:52:18

BH 20:52:41 
hi Conrad

Hobie 20:52:59 
Yeah, i'm looking forward to reading it. And then busting David's chops about all the stupid things he did!

BH 20:53:31 
Tomonori: yes, I played on everything except for Mike's and Brian's original songs

BH 20:53:49 
David will be the first to admit it !

Hobie 20:53:56 
Welcome, Conrad.

viv 20:54:27 
Billy, was the BB concert on the Washington Mall one of your standout favorites with the group?

BH 20:54:33 
I guess if Hallmark CD sells well, they'll do something else along those lines again. THIS IS JUST SPECULATION on my part

Hobie 20:54:55 
Oh, i know...he's told me some of the stories that appear in the book [and told me not to tell Jon that he's told me! ;-) ] - - he was a bit of a wild one!

BH 20:55:15 
4th of July shows were always special

viv 20:55:46 
My birthday ---has to be!

BH 20:56:03 
David and I enjoy regaling one another with our stories

viv 20:56:48 
Anything that you would like to share with us about the cd that we haven't asked? Thanks for doing it. I really look forward to adding it to my collection.

Conrad Callan 20:57:01 
Hi Billy - which of the Beach Boys have influenced you most (if any) when it comes to writing your own material?

Rick Howard 20:57:02 
You all should put together a panel and tell a group of fans all your stories together, sell tickets to it.

Terri Westerman 20:57:04 
Billy does it surprise you to see how many of your original fans are still fans--of the older music as well as current songs---plus all the generations that came after the original generation who are also huge fans and very well informed about your career and the various projects in which you have and will be involved?

BH 20:57:16 
Well, the little hand on the big hand sez it's time for me to say goodbye........

BH 20:57:37 
Thanks for participating in my little chat

Tomonori 20:57:40 
I hope Al's "PT Cruiser" song. I send money to Al in 2003 but nothing was delivered. Is the CD-single out of issue now? So I've never listened to all of it.

Rick Howard 20:57:50 
Thanks Billy

viv 20:57:50 
Thanks for coming Billy.

Conrad Callan 20:57:59 
Hi Billy - which of the Beach Boys have influenced you most (if any) when it comes to writing your own material?

Terri Westerman 20:58:15 
Thanks again, Billy

BH 20:58:23 
Most influenced by BW

BH 20:58:57 
I really appreciate all the fans, friends from over the many years. Yes, it is amazing.

Hobie 20:59:16 
Billy, thanks for coming by. Good luck with the new CD; it has the same nice groove that i enjoy on Bay of Plenty, and i hope a lot of fans take advantage of the opportunity to hear more of your music.

Conrad Callan 20:59:33 
Thanks Billy,
Interesting chat - am I look forward to your new CD........ note to self - order a copy post haste!

 BH 20:59:36 
Tomonori: I'll look into it

BH 21:00:03 
Conrad: Just do it !

CC: Nike Promo

BH 21:00:35 
Tomonori: you should email whoever you bought it from !

Rick Howard 21:01:09 
Is this chat going to be posted some where later?

 Hobie 21:01:20 
I will post a transcript once i've cleaned it up and gotten it together, and once Andrew Gladwin is back home to post it for me! Thanks to everybody for coming along!

Lee M 21:01:21 
Thankyou Billy. It was time WELL spent.

BH 21:01:56 

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