Third Billy Hinsche Chat Transcript

[The following chat took place on Sunday afternoon, 30 September 2007 in the chatroom at]

billyh 13:57:46  
Hello everyone / thanks for being here and thanks to Susan for hosting

billyh 13:58:03  
Apologies in advance for typos

Emdeeh Profile 13:58:21  
Hi BH!

billyh 13:58:22  
will try to keep up and type accurately

Andrew Profile 13:58:25  
are they based in Miami?

Margo 13:58:28  
yes, the marlins are in florida andrew

billyh 13:58:43  
Questions ?

Susan Profile 13:58:53  
Very real, Andrew. If the Mets lose and the Phillies win, AND the Padres win [which would give them the wild card], the Mets are out. As i said...too awful to contemplate. We're all on suicide watch.

Hiya Emdeeh - how are ya?

Margo 13:59:04  
hi billy:)

Andrew Profile 13:59:48  
Hi Billy- tell us more about the Dennis project. I think we're very excited, hoping he will get more recognition

Susan Profile 14:00:06  
Hi Billy.

For those who didn't see it before, check out these links for some artwork for a project Billy is working on:

billyh 14:00:26  
He will get recognition with this film - a loving look at how he impacted people's lives in a positive way

Emdeeh Profile 14:01:14  
We've just put the new project up on Billy's website as well. Check back for details at

billyh 14:01:31  
It is documentary style with 33 different interviews

Susan Profile 14:01:32  
I know it inlcudes interviews with people who knew him Billy...who are some of those people, and what span of time do the interviews cover?

Barbara88 joined the chat at 14:01:36  

billyh 14:01:41  
combined, of course

billyh 14:02:26  
2004 - 2007 a 3 year project due to the logisitics of getting interviews wherever and whenever I could

Emdeeh Profile 14:02:26  
the artwork, you mean!

billyh 14:02:56  
90 minutes approx. in length

Emdeeh Profile 14:03:21  
Who did you interview for the film?

billyh 14:03:34  
I have been editing it myself for the last month and a half, almost on a daily basis (3 - 5 hours a day)

dsl Profile joined the chat at 14:03:54  

billyh 14:04:09  
Some include: Annie, Marilyn, Carnie, Wendy, Justyn, Barbara Wilson

Andrew Profile 14:04:27  
when do you hope to get it out?

Margo 14:05:02  
i love your new CD Live at the Cannery. i like that you talk between each song.

billyh 14:05:06  
Jon Parks talks about high school years as he was DW's best friend, though most people don't know about him at all

dsl Profile 14:05:24  
hello, Billy! I love the idea of a Dennis documentary!

billyh 14:05:24  
Thx Margo

billyh 14:05:45  
Finishing up Artwork and will take final to lab this week

Margo 14:05:51  
you're welcome.

Emdeeh Profile 14:06:09  
Will we be seeing some new footage of Dennis?

billyh 14:06:19  
DW Forever whould be ready for release sometime next week

billyh 14:06:29  
should be ready

Margo 14:06:37  
you're welcome.

billyh 14:07:00  
There are 10 chapters dealing with different aspects of his incredible life

billyh 14:07:30  
GREAT stories from close friends like Dean Torrence, Ron Swallow, etc.

dsl Profile 14:07:34  
wow..that's quick

billyh 14:08:00  
some hysterical, some touching, some sad

Susan Profile 14:08:00  
Will you be releasing it yourself, then?

Andrew Profile 14:08:25  
how will one be able to view the film?

billyh 14:08:33  
I have worked so hard on this project I can't even describe .....

billyh 14:08:50  
DVD format

billyh 14:09:19  
I *might* put clips up on

billyh 14:09:44  
I have to figure out how to do it or get help from a techno person

dsl Profile 14:09:45  
were you able to use any of his music in the film?

Emdeeh Profile 14:10:00  
Good idea!

billyh 14:10:15  
too complicated and expensive to license and photos, film, or music of DW's or the Bbs

billyh 14:10:35  
all photos, footage of DW and music is mine

Susan Profile 14:10:40  
If you can make a file for your computer [which would be where i would need help!] then it's a simple thing to upload to MySpace, i think...

Andrew Profile 14:10:43  
We can certainly publicise it on the Cabin website

Emdeeh Profile 14:11:22  
BBFC will publicize it too.

billyh 14:11:55  
here are some chapter titles:

* Surfing * Racing * Stories *Songwriting

Susan Profile 14:11:56  
Aw heck...i'll even publicize it on Shut Down!

Susan Profile 14:12:21  
Fishing??? I know DW loved to fish...

Emdeeh Profile 14:12:31  
You think, Suze!? :-)

billyh 14:12:55  
Film covers DW as a person, drummer, writer, friend, etc.

billyh 14:13:14  
no fishing stories, sorry

Andrew Profile 14:13:17  
It's amazing what he did in 39 years - that's my age at the moment so quite meaningful to me

Emdeeh Profile 14:13:35  
Will any of your stories be in the film, BH?

billyh 14:14:05  
It willl be available from my website and I *might* affiliate with FilmBaby (division of CDBaby)

billyh 14:14:43  
My presence is felt within the film but I am not interviewed, no

dsl Profile 14:15:02  
i didn't know he fished in the first place...

jukka Profile joined the chat at 14:15:24

Emdeeh Profile 14:15:41  
How about other friends and colleagues?

billyh 14:15:47  
other interviews include: Desi Arnaz, Jr., the Honeys, and many more

Susan Profile 14:16:17  
Are any of his kids interviewed, Billy?

Emdeeh Profile 14:16:33  
Sounds great -- I can't wait to see DW Forever!

billyh 14:16:48  
I wanted people to hear what other drummers thought of DW, so I have Ricky fataar, Tris Imboden (Chicago), Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia) and Desi

jukka Profile 14:17:04  
39 and three quarters, andrew!;)

billyh 14:17:35  
Mikey and Carl wanted to be interviewed, but time and circumstance prevented

dsl Profile 14:17:38  

billyh 14:18:04  
as I say, I got interviews wherever and whenever I could - sort of guerilla filmmaking !  

billyh 14:18:23  
in some cases / other times, very controlled

Barbara88 14:18:36  
Billy, what made you decide to do this documentary in 2004?

Emdeeh Profile 14:18:58  
Maybe Mikey and Carl would be willing to share testimonials.

dsl Profile 14:19:14  
i guess it was whatever worked and what was available at the time?

billyh 14:19:21  
Another person who has NEVER sat for an interview but agreed for me: Geoffrey Cushing-Murray who co-wrote with DW and CW

Susan Profile 14:19:30  
That's too bad.

Meanwhile, tell us about playing with Tripsitter! I think we'll be seeing Jeff in just a second...

dsl Profile 14:19:49  
it's great that his sons wanted to get in on it

billyh 14:19:49  
yes, dsl

billyh 14:20:27  
Mike Love and John Cowsill interviewed just prior to BB show @Mandalay in Vegas - as an example

jukka Profile 14:20:43  
so, did denny really play on those four speeds records or not?

billyh 14:20:59  
John Stamos interviewed at home during a party

Emdeeh Profile 14:21:32  

billyh 14:21:39  
Jeff Foskett interviewed at same party (last year)

Jeff C joined the chat at 14:22:05  

billyh 14:22:08  
Kowalski - but of course !!! Did his interview at a Sports Book @Wynn in Vegas !

billyh 14:22:15  
see what I mean ?

Emdeeh Profile 14:22:17  
Figueroa? Munoz?

billyh 14:22:33  
Hi Jeff C / my good buddy

Jeff C 14:22:47  
Hi all..Jeff Celentano here. I finally made it. Sorry for being fasionably late...Thanks for the help Susan.

billyh 14:22:56  
I screened movie at home for Jeff C the ther night / don't give everything away, Jeff !

Emdeeh Profile 14:22:59  
Hi Jeff!

jukka Profile left the chat at 14:23:03  

billyh 14:23:40  
Tripsitter backed me up on :Live at the Cannery" CD - they are great !

Emdeeh Profile 14:23:41  
Impressions, Jeff?

Emdeeh Profile 14:24:14  
Tripsitter and Billy are a terrific combo!

Susan Profile 14:24:42  
You're welcome, Jeff...Andrew did the work, tho - i just relayed the messsage!

billyh 14:24:53  
CD has muchh DD&B material never before performed + "Sailor"

Andrew Profile 14:24:58  
One song that I've wanted to know more about is the song you wrote with Brian Wilson- Lady Love...can you tell us something about it?

billyh 14:25:23  
I tell the story on the CD - you should get it !

Susan Profile 14:25:28  
And they SOUND great on the CD, too! Can that be gotten from your MySpace page, too?

Jeff C 14:25:50  
I must say, I had the honor f seeing a rough cut of the film the other night. As a fan, I thought it was very interesteing. There's not alot of stuff out there about Dennis. It was cool to hear some stories by people who were there.

billyh 14:25:58  
info only and song samples on myspace only

Susan Profile 14:26:37  
Ordering info?

billyh 14:26:47  
Brian offered "Lady Love" to DD&B and I helped finish writing a bit of it (short version )

billyh 14:27:07  
ordering info is on blog / myspace

Susan Profile 14:27:28  
It seems that you're revisiting the DD&B days a lot lately - a very good thing! What spurred that?

Margo 14:27:42  
i liked "i'm a fool" on the cd. you and desi sounded like a couple of werewolves howling singing "foooooooool." lol. It was great!

Andrew Profile 14:28:05  
Thanks -I really like that song

Emdeeh Profile 14:28:07  
*Live at the Cannery* ordering info is also on Billy's homesite:

Jeff C 14:28:21  
The Cannery show was alot of fun to do. Hey Billy, we gotta do that more often!.

billyh 14:28:37  
I was offered my own show @Cannery and thought it should reflect my early years, plus it was a 60's Summer Show

Emdeeh Profile 14:29:00  
It sounds like everyone onstage was having a lot of fun on the Cannery CD.

billyh 14:29:01  
Thx Andrew

Jeff C 14:29:11  
Wiat a sec...doesn't Billy have little gig planned in Nov??? Can ya' tell us a little about that?

billyh 14:29:44  
I also did Jack Rieley collaboration, "Music is Freedom" - my first and only singe. Had never performed it live

billyh 14:30:30  
NOV 4 I am doing a "Celebrity Sindayy" night at local venue called the BOOTLEGGER her in Vegas

dsl Profile 14:30:30  
guess I'm gonna have to get the CD, sounds really good

 Jeff C 14:30:35  
Music is Freedom was my favorite song to do on stage. The original recording is awesome.

Jeff C 14:31:26  
It was cool to have Billy show us what the background lyrics were as they are a little hard to decipher on the record.

billyh 14:31:27  
I will solo on baby grand piano and have been asked to tell lots of stories surrounding circumstances - much like my "Bay of Plenty" live CD

billyh 14:31:55  
Jeff C and the guys will join me for some BB songs with full harmonies

billyh 14:32:09  
Thx Jeff C

Susan Profile 14:32:14  
I enjoy the way your warmth comes through on the CDs, Billy - all the ones you've done. There's something very intimate and welcoming about them, as i have mentioned to you before. Having Tripsitter backing you up is like icing on the cake!

billyh 14:32:30  
I'll do a few songs on my CW RIC too

billyh 14:32:51  
Thx Susan

Jeff C 14:33:01  
Full harmonies?!?!?...If we do wouldn't it be nice, we'll hve to double everything!!!

billyh 14:33:53  
I can double evrything but your pay !@#$

Jeff C 14:35:00  
Pay?!?! LOL

Susan Profile 14:35:06  
I know you have a couple more projects in the told us when we spoke to you from the convention in August about your journaling during the Brian tour this summer. Are you still spending time with that?

Margo 14:35:06  
i didn't mean you sounded like werewolves. i meant just with that one word "fooooool." lol. it was cute.

Susan Profile 14:35:18  

billyh 14:35:19  
re: DW Forever - I have also incorporated my earlier film on DW "One in a Million" into the body of the documentary

billyh 14:35:57  
nothing doubled = nothing anyway !@#$

billyh 14:36:23  
I understand, Margo - though I am a huge Warren Zevon fan

dsl Profile 14:36:47  
when did you do the earlier film?

Jeff C 14:36:48  
I should add that the quality for the "one In A Million" is much improved over the version on "The Road Well Travelled"

billyh 14:36:59  
I was quoted in his book just out - "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" (a song title too)

Margo 14:37:07  
whew. thanks. lol. i have a warren zevon record. you sound something like him.

Emdeeh Profile 14:37:07  
Billy, how about you and Carl recording with Warren Zevon? What's the story behind that?

billyh 14:37:29  
"OIAM" originally fimed during BB summer tour of the Midwest - 1974

Jeff C 14:38:11  
Some great Dennis footage on that one.

billyh 14:38:12  
Thx, Margo - "Let it Rain" on my "Mixed Messages" CD is a direct attempt to mimic him

billyh 14:39:00  
Jackson Browne called CW and asked him to do a session. He also asked for Al Jardine who was unavailable

Jeff C 14:39:20  
Billy and Carl recorded with Zevon? man, you still have a lotta stories I need to hear..

billyh 14:39:24  
CW suggested me and Jackson said great

billyh 14:39:45  
that story is in the Zevon book

Emdeeh Profile 14:39:47  
"Desperados Under the Eaves"?

Emdeeh Profile 14:40:07  
the song, not the book

billyh 14:40:17  
"Desperados Under the Eaves" - Jackson considers it one of Warren's best. he was WZ's Producer

JasperE joined the chat at 14:40:52

Jeff C 14:40:55  
Ya' know, I've never heard that one before..  

billyh 14:41:18  
CW and I had no idea it was a session for WZ !

billyh 14:41:41  
we had no idea who he was at the time.....neither did anyone else

Jeff C 14:41:47  
So Billy, ever thought of doing a live video webcast?

Barbara88 14:42:00  
What was the "One in a Million" film? A documentary?

billyh 14:42:02  
Jeff C - much more will be revealed !

Emdeeh Profile 14:42:38  
"neither did anyone else"

billyh 14:42:42  
"OIAM" was dedicated to DW and screend for the 1st time at a DW function in Santa Monica at Chez Jay

Susan Profile 14:43:04  
I think David Marks knew who he was - he and Warren hooked up pretty early.

Jeff C 14:43:15  
Didn't Cinevegas show OIAM as well?

billyh 14:43:19  
footage was "extracted" from the overall "1974" black and white film project (whic I will release someday)

Barbara88 14:43:36  
Was it a concert?

billyh 14:43:44  
Yes, included in Vegas Film festival 2003

 Susan Profile 14:43:57  
I was there that day, and the film stole the show. It's a very moving piece.

billyh 14:44:11  
not a concert, but an entire tour that included a little concert footage

Emdeeh Profile 14:44:28  
I second Susan!

Jeff C 14:44:54  
One In A Million is a song you wrote for Dennis...Quite a nice tune..

billyh 14:45:03  
David M and Warren were roommates ....

billyh 14:45:29  
Thx re: "OIAM"

Andrew Profile 14:46:07  
yes, also like that song (OIAM)

billyh 14:46:48  
I would like to do a live video webcast sometime, Jeff C

billyh 14:47:38  
Jeff C has the technology to do it, right ?

dsl Profile 14:48:16  
where could I get OIAM?

Susan Profile 14:48:24  
Billy, i don't know the first thing about a video webcast...i don't think i'd be able to help you with that one! :-(

Susan Profile 14:48:57  
Ah - excellent. Got on it, Jeff!

Jeff C 14:49:00  
Well..funny you should mention..Yes inn fact we do have the tchnology...

Emdeeh Profile 14:50:04  
Billy, do you have any on-the-road stories from touring with Brian or Al that you'd be willing to share?

billyh 14:50:25  
"OIAM" is now incorporated in to the new DWF DVD !

Jeff C 14:50:41  
We cold do a live chat and webcast via my own online televsion

dsl Profile 14:50:59  
aahhh! great!

billyh 14:51:19  
Brian always went right to his piano when we arrived at a venue - the man LOVES his music

Jeff C 14:51:27  
Yeah Billy..We want some stories from the Brian tour...You haven't even told me alot..

billyh 14:52:04  
you guys should check out Jeff's video broadcasting system - it's very cool

Jeff C 14:52:17  
Does a guy like Brian get a piano in his hotel room if he wants one?

billyh 14:52:42  
He loves to walk on a daily basis, singing a new song every day !

billyh 14:53:03  
no piano in his room / but he could get whatever he wanted brought

Jeff C 14:53:32  
What was the coolest thing you heard Brian sing on one of those walks?

billyh 14:53:53  
he doesn't join us in watching movies on his bus, but prefers to retire to his quarters in the back

Andrew Profile 14:54:25  
I heard a podcast interview where Brian spoke about his walks in the morning in London

billyh 14:54:31  
he asked me to sing with him on "Black & White" by 3 Dog Night

billyh 14:55:12  
there were so many songs sung along the way ...

Jeff C 14:55:15  
What movies did you watch on the road?

billyh 14:55:41  
"Black Hawk Down" was one

Susan Profile 14:56:12  
Interesting that he should come up with that one - did you both remember all the lyrics? I can just hear the two of you building that song as you march along...!

billyh 14:56:18  
if you can believe - Foskett chose "Arthur" - actually still very entertaining and funny

billyh 14:56:52  
he also chose "An Officer & A Gentleman"

Jeff C 14:57:38  
There's obviously no question about how musically together Brian still is..Could you describe sme of the rehearsal process? What was it like being in Brian music command again?

billyh 14:57:58  
almost time to say goodbye - any other questions ?

Emdeeh Profile 14:58:24  
Did you have a favorite venue/audience on the tour?

billyh 14:58:24  
Brian is THE MAN during rehearsals

dsl Profile 14:58:44  
that was a qquick hour!

billyh 14:58:56  
especially when it came time to learn the new songs for "Lucky Old Sun" (though I didn't perform them I learned them)

Emdeeh Profile 14:59:18  
And how about singing lead on "Sail On Sailor"? That must have been a thrill!

billyh 14:59:31  
fave venue: State Opera House / Vienna, Austria where Mozart played too

Susan Profile 14:59:34  
Thanks for spending some time with us today, Billy. Let us know when the Dennis DVD is ready for order and we'll post it around and, i'm sure, order it!

billyh 14:59:51  
fave audience: Scotland, without a doubt

Susan Profile 15:00:29  
I will edit the transcript of the chat and get it posted within the week, i hope; i'll post that around, too, once i'm done.

billyh 15:00:50  
Couldn't believe when BWasked me to sing it instead of him - I was the only band member to get a solo - and he intro'd me as "a family member" which always made me feel so good

dsl Profile 15:01:26  
yeah, I've gotta get that DVD. Hopefully Brian decides to tour the States with Lucky Old Sun and we'll get to see you in Boston!

Susan Profile 15:01:33  
That's very cool, Billy - he clearly holds you in high regard!

Emdeeh Profile 15:01:54  
After all, you ARE a family member... :-)

billyh 15:02:12  
It was like being in the studio with Brain of old, and I felt like the Wrecking Crew must have felt, getting direct orders (commands) instructions from the Master

billyh 15:02:51  
I love Brian dearly and he told me he loved me more than once along the way - how cool is that ?

Emdeeh Profile 15:03:12  
Tres cool, indeed!

billyh 15:03:48  
DVD info willl be up on my site and on my myspace very soon

Susan Profile 15:03:51  
It's really nice, Billy. Must've made you feel great.

Margo 15:04:05  
i loved you since i was 14. lol.

dsl Profile 15:04:08  

Susan Profile 15:04:21  
Great - we'll be looking for it.

billyh 15:04:48  
but for now - goodbye and thanks, merci, auf vieder sehen, salamat, gracias, tak, tchuss.....

Andrew Profile 15:05:09  
thanks Billy!

Susan Profile 15:05:25  
Ciao, Billy - thanks!

Emdeeh Profile 15:05:32  
Muchas gracias, Billy and Susan!

billyh 15:05:53  
Till we meet again ......

Emdeeh Profile 15:05:59  
Andrew, too!

Margo 15:06:06  
when is the next chat?

Andrew Profile 15:06:32  
Pleasure, Emdeeh

Susan Profile 15:06:51  
Maybe once the DVD is out and folks have had a chance to order and view we can do another one...what do you think, Billy?

Andrew Profile 15:06:53  
I try to schedule chats each month..will keep you informed

Susan Profile 15:07:28  
Yes, you're all quite welcome. It's our pleasure to facilitate things like this...we live to serve around here!

Margo 15:08:06  
ok. thanks andrew.

Margo 15:08:21  
the score is 8-1 now susan. sorry. lol.

Susan Profile 15:08:49  
Okay...i've gotta run, because i'm due at a family event. Nice to see you all - thank you so much for coming to chat! We'll see you on the boards, or around!

Emdeeh Profile 15:09:19  
Bye Susan, thanks again!

Susan Profile 15:09:23  
*pthththththththththtttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* That's for you, Margo...

Margo 15:09:24  
ok. bye. hugs to y'all.

dsl Profile 15:09:31  

Susan Profile 15:09:39  
You're welcome, Emdeeh - talk to you later!

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