Fourth Billy Hinsche Chat Transcript

[The following chat took place on Sunday afternoon, 12 October 2008 in the chatroom at] Billy Chat 11-12-08

billyh 13:01:17  
Hi Andrew

Andrew Profile 13:01:30  
hi there..

Emdeeh Profile joined the chat at 13:02:27  

Andrew Profile 13:02:41  
how is the CWF organisation going

Emdeeh Profile 13:02:44  
Hi Billy!

billyh 13:02:47  

Andrew Profile 13:03:07  
hi Emdeeh ...Susan should be here soon, I hope

billyh 13:03:08  
Everything is in place for an incredible show ....

billyh 13:03:28  
I will be hosting the event this year

Emdeeh Profile 13:03:29  
How are rehearsals going?

billyh 13:03:59  
Adam Marsland's band is House Band and they have been doing lots of rehearsing

Andrew Profile 13:04:22  
Would so love to be there- especially at the Roxy

Emdeeh Profile 13:05:22  
Billy, care to whet our whistles re the show?

billyh 13:05:32  
Roxy is nice and intimate as opposed to many other venues...

Andrew Profile 13:06:01  
it's about 500 seats, isn't it?

billyh 13:06:37  
We're going to show an abbreviated version of film we showed at Royce re: CW

Emdeeh Profile 13:06:53  

Emdeeh Profile 13:07:17  
refers to the CW film

billyh 13:07:46  
The exact capacity is more like 300 + for our event

Andrew Profile 13:07:48  
how long was that film?

Emdeeh Profile 13:08:29  
Is the Roxy going to be table seating, like the original CW tribute show?

billyh 13:08:55  
film will be edited down to 10-15 mins. Tops

billyh 13:09:16  
interviews with Petty , Costello and S. Lennon , among others

billyh 13:10:15  
There will be seats, yes

Emdeeh Profile 13:10:42  
Some of my photos of Carl were used for the original film

billyh 13:10:46  
no assigned seating / first come, first serve basis

billyh 13:11:07  
yes, I know MD

Andrew Profile 13:12:03  
when were those photos, Emdeeh?

Emdeeh Profile 13:12:38  
IIRC, they were taken in the '80s, maybe some from the very early '90s.

billyh 13:14:10  
There will be a beautiful program book this year, to be given away at the door as people enter Roxy

Emdeeh Profile 13:14:50  

billyh 13:14:57  
Capital / EMI has donated some CDs that will also be given to all attendees as they leave Roxy

Emdeeh Profile 13:15:55  
Very generous of Capitol/EMI

Susan Profile joined the chat at 13:16:00  

Andrew Profile 13:16:04  
which CDs are they?

billyh 13:16:08  
CWF tee-shirts will be available for purchase - I haven't seen them yet but they sound like they will be great looking .....

Emdeeh Profile 13:16:20  
Hi Susan -- happy birthday!

billyh 13:16:25  
Hi Susan

Andrew Profile 13:16:33  
hey Susan!

billyh 13:16:35  
I won't say which CD it is ... sorry

Susan Profile 13:16:47  
Hey y'all - my apologies. I got hung up with something...

billyh 13:16:59  
I have to keep some surprises, Andrew

billyh 13:18:17  
There will be a live auction of guitars donated by Fender, Gibson and Rickenbacker, signed by performers

Andrew Profile 13:19:18  
you should be able to raise a lot of mpney for the cause this time

Emdeeh Profile 13:19:24  
Just guitars or will there be other items for auction (silent or live)?

Susan Profile 13:19:40  
Sounds like a great event - i'm very disappointed that i won't be able to be there for it.

billyh 13:19:51  
Our auctioneer, as usual, will be: Jeff Foskett

Emdeeh Profile 13:20:05  
Who else!?

billyh 13:20:34  
No silent auction - no place to set up a table (same problem in 1998 at Roxy)

Susan Profile 13:21:08  
And can any of those items be bid on by people who aren't at the event?

billyh 13:21:12  
Another auction item: Dinner for two (2) at WILSON

billyh 13:21:48  
Susan, I don't see how we could do that unless you were on the phone with the prospective buyer

billyh 13:22:58  
There *might* be some lesser items for auction, but we cannot devote too much time to auction - we have a big show ...

SurferGirl7 joined the chat at 13:23:20  

billyh 13:23:33  
Hello SG7

Emdeeh Profile 13:23:42  
Hi SG7!

jukka Profile joined the chat at 13:23:55  

SurferGirl7 13:24:03  
Hi Billy and Emdeeth!

Emdeeh Profile 13:24:06  
Hi jukka!

Susan Profile 13:24:20  
Jeff is a terrific auctioneer - very funny, and very good at getting the most money out of people!

Are there any special guests who haven't yet been announced, Billy?

Hi Katie.

SurferGirl7 13:24:34  
Great to see you here Billy! I have not seen you since I saw you with Al back in 2005!!

SurferGirl7 13:24:47  
Hi Susan!

billyh 13:25:14
2005 ?   Where ?

jukka Profile 13:25:21  
hi folks, almost forgot about this

Emdeeh Profile 13:25:58  
"very good at getting the most money out of people!"

True that, Jeff's an expert.

billyh 13:26:04  
There are some special guests, yes...

SurferGirl7 13:26:05  
It was in Hershey, PA. I had a great time at it I remember and Jeff of Tripsitter was there as well. That was just before the first time I was at Susan's convention!!

billyh 13:26:25  
True that - he owes me $5 !@#@!

Andrew Profile 13:26:46  
hi all

billyh 13:26:50  
i c / o k SG7

SurferGirl7 13:27:31  
Hi Andrew

billyh 13:28:01  
Yes, Hi Andrew

Susan Profile 13:28:31  
So you're looking at what, Billy - about a 3-hour event? Longer?

billyh 13:29:21  
Yup - 3 hours, give or take, is how it crunches out ....

SurferGirl7 13:30:00  
Tell Brian's band I said hello to whoever goes! I am so sad I will not be able to be there ;(

Susan Profile 13:30:38  
This is the first time the Foundation has done an event like this in several years, isn't it? Has there been a lot of publicity in LA?

billyh 13:31:00  
That's why we like to start at 7pm - fairly early start for a relatively early conclusion. People work the next day and also might have flights to catch ...

billyh 13:33:06
Not too much publicity in LA yet, since this is a small event - designed for family, very close friends and fans too. We will probably do much more PR in this final week...

Emdeeh Profile 13:33:17  
Who here is going to the show? I am

Susan Profile 13:33:56  
And refresh my are $100 each? Are there any left?

Susan Profile 13:34:53  
Not i, unfortunately, unless i suddenly come into a bunch of money! I feel bad about missing it...i REALLY would like to be there!

SurferGirl7 13:35:07  
Me too Susan!!:(

billyh 13:35:20  
Tix are still available for a $100 donation through Roxy exclusively: (310) 278-9457

Emdeeh Profile 13:35:26  
We'll miss you too, Susan!

Susan Profile 13:36:47  
Can they be purchased at the door?

Emdeeh Profile 13:36:59  
Billy, is the musical focus going to be on Carl's music or a mix of material?

Susan Profile 13:37:05  
(in case i come into that money...!!!)

billyh 13:38:01  
Yes, tix available at the door too

Andrew Profile 13:38:13  
just short-sell a few stocks this week Susan - you'll get it easily

Susan Profile 13:39:07  
I know you're hosting the event, Billy...are you also MD?

Emdeeh Profile 13:40:34  
I'm there as a fan.

SurferGirl7 13:41:07  
It doesn't help I am a poor college student.

billyh 13:41:13  
I wanted to bring the entire focus of show back to Carl and his music, yes. There will be many songs performed that are rarities, sung and / or written by Carl. It should be really wonderful, since no one is currently doing most of these songs in their respective sets ...

SurferGirl7 13:41:30  
That sounds so fab Billy!

Susan Profile 13:42:39  
Emdeeh, i meant is BIlly also the Musical Director of the show. Sorry to be unclear.

Billy, can you give us an idea of some of the less-common songs?

billyh 13:42:41  
Yes - I think it should be this way - esp. for the 10th Year Anniversary of losing Carl ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:43:43  
That means I'll be getting hear some of my favorite songs, I suspect.

Emdeeh Profile 13:44:26  
Susan, LOL - I got lost in the acronyms!

billyh 13:44:36  
I would say that Adam Marsland is the MD for this show since he leads the house band. I oversee everything and have to approve all song choices. I also make song suggestions ...

Susan Profile 13:45:52  
Will Adam's band and Brian's band share the stage at all? THAT would be some mighty musicianship all in one place!

Emdeeh Profile 13:46:00  
Will Evie Sands be part of the house band too?

Andrew Profile 13:46:21  
Hard to believe it is 10 years - seems like yesterday when I heard that terrible news

billyh 13:46:51  
Susan, I'm afraid I won't give away any songs - it will take away from the impact. Besides, don't you like surprises ?

Susan Profile 13:47:10  
Evie is a permanent member of Adam's band, isn't she?

SurferGirl7 13:47:22  
I hope a lot of pictures are taken :)

Susan Profile 13:48:01  
I love surprises, Billy - but i'm not going to be there to be surprised!

Besides - you can't blame a girl for trying!

jukka Profile 13:48:09  
i thought MD was maryland?

billyh 13:48:12  
Evie Sands is an integral part of Adam's Chaos Band - she will be there, absolutely ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:48:54  
I'm bringing my camera (and getting the ASA 800 film processed before I head home, LAX has fried the last roll of film from me!)

billyh 13:49:04  
Nice try, Susan - care to pick another door ?

cc: Bob Barker / Drew Carey

Susan Profile 13:49:05  
That, too, jukka!

Billy - kind of off-topic, but what other projects are you working on these days?

SurferGirl7 13:49:08  

billyh 13:51:13  
I was in the middle of filming a documentary ala the one I did for Denny, but this one's for Carl ..... had to drop everything when we decided to do this Roxy show. All my attention had to go to this show ...

Andrew Profile 13:51:59  
I guess you will get material for your Carl movie from the Roxy show too

billyh 13:53:19  
*Maybe* - but I have so many other things to handle on the day of show ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:53:24  
Billy, who have you interviewed for the Carl doc so far?

billyh 13:55:22  
Beckley, Lamm, Parazaider (Chicago) , Maryann Jardine, Phil "Fang" Volk (Raiders), Nick Fortuna (Buckinghams), etc., etc...

Emdeeh Profile 13:57:33  
Billy, who's on your wishlist to interview?

billyh 13:57:54  
Going to my APPLE store - I have an apptmnt. in 1 hr ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:58:30  
I hope that doesn't mean you're having comp trouble

SurferGirl7 13:58:42  
It was good to see you though Billy. Good luck with the event and I am sure it will be amazing!!

billyh 13:59:12  
Would like to get John Maus (Walker Brothers) and Howard Leese (Heart and Paul Rogers) they have both agreed

Susan Profile 13:59:52  
Maus would be a good one - Carl's first guitar teacher.

Andrew Profile 13:59:54  
John Maus taught Carl guitar-right?

billyh 14:00:07  
It has to do with a project I am *trying* to put together for Roxy show - top secret !

billyh 14:00:17  
guitar teacher / yes

billyh 14:01:09  
Well, thank you all for stopping by - I had a lot of fun and I appreciate your taking the time to visit. Thank you Susan ...

SurferGirl7 14:01:26  
Good luck Billy with everything!

Susan Profile 14:02:03  
You're welcome, Billy. Thanks to Andrew, too, for facilitating chat registrations and all that.

billyh 14:02:25  
Au revoir, sayonara, adios, aloha, mabuhay, tschuss, arrivedercci, I'm outa'- here !

Emdeeh Profile 14:02:44  
Take care, Billy, and thanks for the chat!

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