Fifth Billy Hinsche Chat Transcript

[The following chat took place on Sunday afternoon, 17 January 2010 in the chatroom at]

Emdeeh Profile 12:53:46  
So, who has seen 1974 already? I have and I love it!

billyh 13:00:40  
hello all

Emdeeh Profile 13:00:47  
Hi BH!

EPN<= /b> 13:00:52  
Hey there's the man! Hello Billy!!!!

billyh 13:01:01  
thanks for being here and a special thx to Susan for hosting

Joy<= /b> 13:01:03  
Hi everyone.

EPN<= /b> 13:01:12  
Cool. Backstage footage, performance footage, etc??

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billyh 13:01:27  
what shall we talk about ... ?

EPN<= /b> 13:01:34  
Please tell us about your new DVD Billy. I've been out of the loop

Lee Roy Profile 13:01:43  

howdy, Billy <= o:p>

Susan Profile 13:01:58  
Hello EPN and everyone else, and welcome!

EPN<= /b> 13:02:00  
There's a few other chatters I'd thought would make it

Donna 13:02:02  
First of all, thanks so much for sharing this with us all! Fantastic film!<= /span>

EPN<= /b> 13:02:16  
When was the DVD released?

Rand Richar= d Profile 13:02:21  
Hello all... Billy thanks so much for doing this...

billyh 13:02:23  
vintage b & w footage of 1974 tour April & May (a few days worth) <= /span>

billyh 13:02:39  
released 12 / 19 / 09

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EPN<= /b> 13:02:42  
Nice. Is there performance footage included?

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Susan Profile 13:02:47  
It's my pleasure, Billy. Thanks, too, to Andrew, for facilitating all the registrations.

Emdeeh Profile 13:02:50  
fly-on-the-wall POV

EPN<= /b> 13:02:59  
12/19. Wow! I am out of the loop!...Hi Sun! Long time no see!

billyh 13:03:06  
also has great color footage I shot along the way plus wonderful color phot= os

Rand Richar= d Profile 13:03:12  
Billy, to your recollection , what was the Concert song line up for that to= ur?

EPN<= /b> 13:03:29  
is the footage a combo of 16 mm and 8 mm?

billyh 13:03:43  
interviews with original band members Carter, Munoz, etc .

EPN<= /b> 13:03:56  
I forget..was this the time of the ENDLESS SUMMER release?.

Emdeeh Profile 13:04:01  
Lots of Carl lead vocals :-)

Donna 13:04:18  
When did you "discover" that you still had this great footage?

billyh 13:04:21  
b & w footage from '74 is on videotape / additional 8mm or super 8mm

EPN<= /b> 13:04:24  
Oh man, now I have to get this DVD. This sounds like a wonderful documentat= ion from someone actually there

Susan Profile 13:04:26  
This was a film school project, yes?

EPN<= /b> 13:04:50  
video tape footage is a nice find to include. :)

Emdeeh Profile 13:05:13  
pre-Endless Summer

EPN<= /b> 13:05:30  
Does someone have a link to a press release with details and track listings= ?

EPN<= /b> 13:05:42  
Ahhh Emdeeh, nice period!

billyh 13:05:43  
Opening song: "WIBN" - but unable to secure licensing for this one ... successful with "LPR" "Trader" and "Marcella&q= uot; (segments only in film). I forget actual setlist - sorry

Rand Richar= d Profile 13:06:02  
I've seen lineup lists in the Badman book.. Just wondering what the "unusual" if any surprise songs were stuck in.

Emdeeh Profile 13:06:19  
link is

EPN<= /b> 13:06:47  
Billy are there any acetates or early mixes of recordings you've worked on = with the Beach Boys that you hope one day might see a release on a future rariti= es collection?

billyh 13:06:50  
UCLA film project I convinced my professor to allow me to do on Beach Boys = as a documentary so I could fulfill duties as band member ...

EPN<= /b> 13:07:16  
Thanks Emdeeh!!!

billyh 13:08:00  
I sang original lead on "Honkin' " but it will probably never be released, at least not as part of a BB CD - there are bootlegs out there ..= .

Rand Richar= d Profile 13:08:06  
What I love about this DVD is that it's kind of like finding an undeveloped= OLD roll of film that when you see it it's kind of like missing piece of the puzzle... It was SO!! cool to see film from that period. It seems very rare= in the officially released projects so far.

EPN<= /b> 13:08:44  
Just looked at the link at Billy's site. Gotta get it this week!

billyh 13:08:58  
the professor didn't "get it" and was nonplussed - I might have received a "B" but certainly not an "A"

EPN<= /b> 13:09:25  
wow! thanks for the great little review folks are pumping me up = to acquire this asap

filledeplag= e  13:09:26  
He was probably jealous! (the professor)

Susan Profile 13:09:29  
What made you decide it was time to revisit the project, Billy?

billyh 13:09:35  
project was only in "raw footage" form and never edited together until now ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:09:42  
I like getting to see the actual itineraries, one of the shows on that tour= was in Atlanta, but I didn't realize they went straight to a show in Auburn, AL right after the Atlanta one!

Donna 13:09:58  
I enjoyed the present day interviews with the guys still around remembering those days

EPN<= /b> 13:10:07  
Yeah the professor didn't get it is obvious! Based on comments on your site, this is an A+

Emdeeh Profile 13:10:34  
And the Dennis footage is priceless -- what a scoundrel!

billyh 13:10:43  
35th Anniversary of the 1974 tour was a motivator, but I realized also that= all I had to do was DO IT ! But it was easier said than done. Also VERY expensi= ve to have transfers, etc. done ...

Rand Richar= d Profile 13:11:04  
funny what you can do when you're young Emdeeh :)

EPN<= /b> 13:11:26  
But well worth it in the end. More should be aware of this awesome sounding documentary!!

billyh 13:11:39  
I'm just a regular pack rat aren't I, Emdeeh ?

filledeplag= e  13:11:44  
Were you trained in class on how to use this portapak?

Susan Profile 13:12:03  
And how much of it has been released in other form? I know some of this foo= tage saw the light in the One In A Million video...anything else?

Donna 13:12:06  
Did you remember having this footage all along? Over all these years?

billyh 13:12:11  
Aren't you glad I save everything (itineraries, etc.) ?

Emdeeh Profile 13:12:19  
I'm a pack rat too, but you're a lot better organized!

EPN<= /b> 13:12:19  
Billy I’m happy for you and wish you great success with this DVD. I k= now I'll be purchasing it this week and read a portion of the sales goes to the Carl Wilson Foundation

EPN<= /b> 13:13:12  
This DVD looks like a perfect compliment to the Beach Boys AMERICAN BAND and ENDLESS HARMONY DVD documentaries.

billyh 13:13:36  
Had to learn by the practical application - yes. Just start videotaping stu= ff. You just aimed, and pulled the trigger on the Portapak camera. Google it- y= ou can see what they looked like ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:13:50  
One of the nicest things about this feature is getting to see the guy's personalities.

EPN<= /b> 13:14:09  
They were big and heavy weren't they?

Emdeeh Profile 13:14:13  
There are some moments in there that are pure Carl, for example.

filledeplag= e  13:14:19  
sounds like Baptism by fire!

EPN<= /b> 13:14:28  
yeah not the stage/interview personas

billyh 13:14:47  
I never "lost" the footage - I just never really thought about it until I literally uncovered / discovered it in a big box of film-related st= uff in my garage back in 2002, roughly ...

EPN<= /b> 13:14:50  
Geez I don't know how I missed this release

EPN<= /b> 13:15:26  
being the footage wasn't in a true film/video archive, I'm amazed the foota= ge survived intact and seemingly in great condition

Donna 13:15:36  
Everyone always seemed to laid back....was that always the case on tour?

filledeplag= e  13:15:37  
did the guys make it easier for you knowing it was school related?

Rand Richar= d Profile 13:16:09  
the music sounds great for a small or condenser mic. Did you have to tweak = that much?

EPN<= /b> 13:16:11  
I went to NYU Film School. I wished I could have made a project like THIS! = LOL

billyh 13:16:21  
It is a very intimate look at everyone in a very candid, unaffected way. Af= ter all, it was just me behind the camera and everyone knew I was doing a speci= al project ... not paparazzi-style !

EPN<= /b> 13:16:30  
unfortunately I’m not in a band

Rand Richar= d Profile 13:16:48  
Dennis asking Mike about Van Dyke is priceless!

EPN<= /b> 13:16:51  
Billy this DVD should get the widest exposure possible!

billyh 13:17:49  
I played with audio (like turning it way up) but found that the best was ju= st to leave it at the original recording level - it was all "automatically adjusted” at the time

Donna 13:18:02  
Any reaction/comments from the families of Dennis or Carl?

EPN<= /b> 13:18:05  
Wish I could stay :( Will have to catch up on transcript when posted. Sunday errands to do and a daughter who's a senior in high school that NEEDS the computer for homework now...waahh!

Susan Profile 13:18:34  
Bye EPN.

EPN 13:18:58  
This is priority for me to purchase. Thanks for coming here Billy and talki= ng about this new DVD. It's immensely appreciated!. Sorry I have to go...wahha= a!

billyh 13:19:04  
bye for now EPN

Emdeeh Profile 13:19:26  

EPN<= /b> 13:19:28  
Bye!!! Good luck with future endeavors/projects!!!

EPN 13:20:02  
It's cool of you to come here Billy. Not many give us this chance to ask questions're the best! Bye!!

billyh 13:20:06  
Plane was actually pretty basic compared to future jets we chartered but ni= ce for what it was ...

filledeplage  13:20:10  
How did you come up with that fabulous theme music?

billyh 13:20:53  
Carole Wilson "loved it" though it made her happy / sad, etc ...<= /span>

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Emdeeh Profile 13:21:29  
One of the things about seeing the traveling segments was that it reminded = me of how laid-back air travel used to be. You could actually go greet folks at the gate then.

filledeplag= e  13:21:30  
For some reason it just "gets in your head,” and that is a rare quality I think...

Donna 13:21:42  
Have the children of Dennis and Carl seen it to your knowledge?

Rand Richard Profile 13:21:50  
was the great "match" solely something that came about while drin= king :) or was it a LETS see what we can do to have fun with the camera?
<= /p>

billyh 13:21:54  
Music written after a conversation with Graham Nash (long story) back in '0= 2 - '03 .... JHP did such a great version that I *had * to include it ...

filledeplage  13:22:31  
I liked the percussion...

Emdeeh Profile 13:23:45  
Any reaction from the Jardines?

Rand Richard Profile 13:23:48  
this is "off topic" but One more Night Alone is one of my favouri= te songs of all time. Is there a story behind the lyrics?

billyh 13:24:02  
Rand: just a fun project that took quite a few hours to complete ...

Donna 13:24:22  
It was very refreshing to see that not all backstage was as crazy and wild = as some seem to think.....all were very "normal" nice people....Denn= is was the wild drunk that some see to think he was.

Donna 13:24:43  
Dennis was NOT the wild drunk

billyh 13:24:58  
Rand: yes - another song about "love unrequited" after a breakup = with a gal ...

jukka Profile 13:24:59  
Is this a US only release? Or is there a version watchable on European syst= ems?

Emdeeh Profile 13:25:25  
Region 0

billyh 13:25:48  
Dennis was a fun-loving guy - I think it's plain to see here ...

billyh 13:26:00  
worldwide release

Andrew Profile 13:26:04  
That's a universal region, isn't it?

Donna 13:26:13  
Billy, that's what I was trying to say...thanks!

Emdeeh Profile 13:27:20  
My understanding is that Region 0 is universal, yes.

billyh 13:27:34  
Fave parts include when Dennis tells "the guys from the South that he'= ll return to the game after they start playing fair" - I call it a "Hawthorne moment"

Donna 13:27:59  
That look on your face at the end of the film, still gets were definitely remembering the good times......

billyh 13:28:12  
Also, Carl wagging his finger at me at "Breakfast scene" ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:28:36  
That's a classic Carl moment....

billyh 13:28:56  
That actually made me sad to see it for the first time ...

Rand Richard Profile 13:29:09  
I was very touched by that moment too Donna... very heartfelt!

billyh 13:29:18  
(in response to Donna)

filledeplage  13:29:39  
Where did you get the Carl quote "That's fantastic!" quote from f= or the promo?

billyh 13:30:24  
Dennis revving car engine of rental car is “PRICELESS" !
<= /p>

Rand Richard Profile 13:30:40  

I only got to meet Carl one time and he was so busy directing everyt= hing we really didn't get much of a chance to talk... just a hi this is Carl Wilson... (made possible by the CBS Cinti guy) but I'll never forget it

Donna 13:30:01  
The conversation that Dennis was having on the plane with Al (?), was very = insightful as well.

Emdeeh Profile 13:30:11  
I thought that last moment was very fitting.

jukka Profile 13:30:40  
Great for Region 0! I'm in Finland and typing on a crappy (i.e. Swedish) ce= ll phone. Can't answer PM's Rand:-(

billyh 13:30:43  
with Al, yes

Emdeeh Profile 13:30:50  
The philosophical discussion with Dennis and Al? Yes, that was very insight= ful.

Susan Profile 13:30:57  
Billy, did you use everything you had for this, or is there still some foot= age that you have "in reserve?"

billyh 13:32:01  
Carl quote was from "Patio scene” in New Orleans hotel garden - = he was actually referring to the fact that the mic was incorporated into the camera ...

Rand Richard Profile 13:32:16  
seeing concert footage from that time would be such a treat!!!!!!!

billyh 13:32:22  
EST and TM

filledeplage  13:32:32  
it was so cool to hear his voice

Rand Richard Profile 13:32:42  
more footage I should say

billyh 13:33:51  
Some footage ended up on "the cutting room floor" yes - I still h= ave a few more raw footage reels that I haven't even transferred or viewed at a= ll - from roughly the same era ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:33:55  
I liked "meeting" the behind the scenes people too.

Rand Richard Profile 13:34:18  
Billy what do you see as the biggest misconceptions about the Beach Boys? I= .E. how they're perceived by the masses.

billyh 13:34:33  
I still have some color concert footage (film) but no audio to match ...

Donna 13:34:59  
Do you have any plans for a second film based on the good response of this = one?

filledeplage  13:35:11  
I liked the YouTube clips from that era...on your site...

Donna 13:36:39  
I know I don't think that the tours were all drinking, drugs, and women aft= er seeing this, and I appreciate that.

billyh 13:37:04  
Will finish a project I started on Carl - already have 20 interviews "= in the can" ...

Donna 13:37:33  
That is going to be great Billy!!!

Emdeeh Profile 13:37:35  
Companion piece to Dennis Wilson Forever?


Rand Richard Profile= 13:37:39

There’s an audio on You Tube of “Here = She Comes.” That song Kicks ass!!!! I would love to hear all the Reprise stuff live!!!!

Joy 13:38:54  
Re the Carl project, great news! When do you think you will be ready to release?

billyh 13:38:56  
CW film will have more color footage and will include some "home movies" ...

billyh 13:39:12  
at least 6 months from completion ...

filledeplage  13:39:29  
Have you got some film students you could mentor to help you with this?

Emdeeh Profile 13:39:38  
Any chance of hearing some Carl music too?

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Joy 13:40:04  

EPN 13:40:12  
Hi! Back...had to turn around...freezing rain and roads are noticeably icy<= /span>

Donna 13:40:23  
Has doing this film stirred up your interest in doing more films now?

Emdeeh Profile 13:40:39  
Welcome back, EPN

billyh 13:40:45  
I already have some young people I teach music to and they are whom I mentor right now ...

billyh 13:41:16  
I will use CW music - as much as I can ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:41:25  

filledeplage  13:41:50  
One of my favorites is "I Wish for You Always"

billyh 13:41:51  
welcome back EPN

EPN 13:42:02  
what's seemingly great about this DVD is it documents an era that sometimes gets a bit glossed over in Beach Boys the ENDLESS HARMONY/AMERICAN BAND seem to focus more time on the Capitol era

esq joined the chat at 13:42:17 &nbs= p;

EPN 13:42:31  
glad to be back!!! roads not worth driving on at the moment

Emdeeh Profile 13:42:43  
Hi David!

Rand Richard Profile 13:43:07  

I recorded I wish for you always in my home studio. Hard to sing that song w/o crying though

EPN 13:43:16  
Any insight you may divulge in regards to any Beach Boys 50th anniversary celebrations?

filledeplage  13:43:50  
It was such a tragedy to lose them both.

billyh 13:43:23  
Yes - I find that, in a sense, I am keeping CW and DW "alive" in a special way ...

Donna 13:43:27  
Most of the other docs seem to focus too much on the bad times in their history.....this film is so refreshing.

EPN 13:43:34  
god bless you billy

Emdeeh Profile 13:43:54  
"I Wish for You Always" -- very moving song...

Susan Profile 13:44:02  
Hello esq - David Beard, i presume?

Emdeeh Profile 13:44:13  
Thank you, Billy


Rand Richard Profile 13:44:44  

I remember hearing talk during the 25 anniv. year that the band was going to do a show that included all eras of music with all former members = of the band... was that just silly rumor or did it just never happen?

Donna 13:44:51  
You've met your goal of keeping them alive in a really nice way.

billyh 13:44:56  
Well, by the time the 50th rolls around, at least I'll be able to show all = of you some more cool footage ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:45:15  
True that.

EPN 13:45:40  
are the beach boys planning anything special for the 50th that you're aware= of? Any sort of reunion ?

billyh 13:45:40  
never happened / I never heard of it

Andrew Profile 13:45:53  
Any insight into what we might expect from the band for the 50th anniversary -shows or records?

billyh 13:45:54  
no plans I am aware of ...

EPN 13:46:02  

billyh 13:46:08  
sorry - being honest ...

Rand Richard Profile 13:46:22  
do copyrights etc expire at 50yrs?

EPN 13:46:29  
Any archival projects from your earlier group with Desi Jr?

filledeplage  13:46:34  
Any chance of your coming to the East Coast with any of the groups?
<= /p>

esq 13:47:00  

Emdeeh Profile 13:47:02  
There are options to renew copyrights

Rand Richard Profile 13:47:23  
Cinti seems to get glossed over all the time :(

EPN 13:47:23  
but if the copyrights pass, then they become pd...right?

billyh 13:47:38  
dunno' re: copyrights

EPN 13:48:02  
David Beard. Hi! Hey are you the one that has the early copy of the T.A.M.I show that was posted about on the Smiley Smile message board??

Emdeeh Profile 13:48:11  
copyright info is on US Library of Congress website

billyh 13:48:20  
no plans for East Coast yet ...

EPN 13:48:28  
Emdeeh that's too much effort for us LOL

filledeplage  13:48:38  
sorry about that...

Emdeeh Profile 13:48:38  

billyh 13:48:40  
hi DB

Rand Richard Profile 13:48:42  

was wondering then what you meant by Well, by the time the 50th rolls around, at least I'll be able to show all of you some more cool footage ... then just will be ready by then?

esq 13:49:55  
Billy… What stands out in your mind today about that tour from the perspective of playing on stage with the guys?

billyh 13:49:58  
I'm just saying that I will continue to be active regardless of what the BBs are planning ...

EPN 13:50:56  
Billy, any archival releases planned from you work with Desi Jr?

esq 13:51:01  
Yes… I have the T.A.M.I. Show screener, but let's stay focused on Bil= ly.

Donna 13:51:07  
Billy, you don't have any legal ties to the BB anymore do you?

billyh 13:51:30  
What a truly great band it was - multi-instrumental, extraordinarily talent= ed guys like Carter, Munoz, Fataar, etc ...

EPN 13:51:33  
esq yes we will..just was confirming you're the same person ;)

EPN 13:51:57  
The band was at a peak then

billyh 13:52:11  
Also, that Carl was moving over to play his songs on Wurlitzer electric pia= no ... like I said: Great band

EPN 13:52:14  
all individually writing songs and producing.

Donna 13:52:18  
Meaning, you don't have to pre-screen anything thru them do you?

Rand Richard Profile 13:52:25  
wondering if you could be Musical director (for one show) What songs would = you like to rehearse and perform that aren’t already in the normal rotati= on.

filledeplage  13:52:38  
One of my favorite intros in the "Sail on Sailor" with Carl at th= e keyboard in the Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and you on lead!

EPN 13:52:42  
good question Rand

billyh 13:53:30  
Someone asked me about a song that DW and DD&B collaborated on called "Away" - I have the acetates but it's never been released. It mig= ht be a part of some DW project down the line ...

Emdeeh Profile 13:53:53  

billyh 13:54:07  
I make sure BRI is aware of all my projects

EPN 13:54:12  
do you still have contact with brian, mike and al?

EPN 13:54:44  
does BRI make things tough to clear for usage such as on this project?

billyh 13:55:29  
"All This Is That" was always hypnotic for me to play - that woul= d be a cool song to include ...

Rand Richard Profile 13:55:31  

I would love to hear Dennis' recording of “Wouldn't It Be Nice= to Live again" Evie Sands version with Marslands Chaos band is great... b= ut I still want to hear Dennis' voice there. Did you see the LONG PROMISED ROAD = tour Adam did.. It was stellar!

esq 13:55:41  
the backstory of the group changing their song lineup, Endless Summer's release… a lot of interesting elements of the group dynamic and band talent, etc.

billyh 13:55:56  
I stay in touch with everyone

filledeplage  13:56:35  
Do you remember if "Girl Don't Tell Me" was one of Carl's first "leads?"

Rand Richard Profile 13:56:45  
I LOVE the keyboard rhythms in “All This is That.”!

Donna 13:56:52  
Who has the rights/ copy of that Dennis song?

esq 13:56:53  
For my money, "All This Is That" is as good (and important) with = its TM message as the Beatles "Across The Universe"


billyh 13:56:56  
I saw Adam when he first debuted his "Songs of Carl & Dennis Show" - it was at a club on Lincoln near Marina Del Rey ...

Susan Profile 13:57:31  
Also a stunning Carl vocal [ATIT].

EPN 13:57:42  
“All This Is That” is highly underrated!

billyh 13:57:42  
"GDTM" was an early CW lead, yes

esq 13:57:50  
Warner Chappell has DW's stuff

Emdeeh Profile 13:57:54  
"All This Is That" is just plain beautiful, imho, especially Carl= 's vocals on the fade -- shivers down the spine time.

Rand Richard Profile 13:58:12  
A lot of love and respect really seemed to go into that tour and recording.=

esq 13:58:38  
Billy, share with us specific memory of working with Carl on a recording.

EPN 13:59:10  
That period from after Capitol thru LOVE YOU is one of the most fertile and creative for EVERYONE involved in the band

billyh 13:59:10  
I guess DW's estate and DD&B Music Publishing share the rights - we're actually trying to clear that up. Not that it's a problem or issue, we just want to figure it out.

filledeplage  13:59:21  
Billy, We are lucky to have you to "tell the story" from an historical perspective...Thanks!

Emdeeh Profile 13:59:30  
Earliest CW lead I know of was a duo with David Marks on "Summertime Blues." And then there's "Pom Pom Playgirl."

EPN 13:59:41  
Billy you are filling a major gap in their history

billyh 14:00:25  
I was always just a little intimidated singing with CW because he was SO GO= OD - but he never made me feel uncomfortable - it was always just my own insecurities ...

Donna 14:00:41  
Thanks so much Billy for doing this for us all! Fantastic film, and we'll be looking for more from you....congrats!!!

EPN 14:00:52  
But first recorded Beach Boys lead vocal by Carl was Girl Don't Tell me

filledeplage  14:01:08  
You have a fine voice in your own right but I loved his voice...

billyh 14:01:22  
I am working with Warner Chappell on the DW / DD&B issue (in the friendliest of ways)

Emdeeh Profile 14:01:41  
EPN, Carl had at least 3-4 previous to GDTM, depending on how you count the double lead with DM.

Susan Profile 14:01:42  
No, I think first recorded lead was, as Emdeeh said, “Summertime Blues.”

EPN 14:01:56  
Billy what we enjoy about you is your accessibility and graciousness to come here and talk openly about your time with the Beach Boys and your current, = past and future projects!

Donna 14:01:57  
Always love seeing/hearing more Dennis...thanks for that!!

EPN 14:02:11  
I'm counting FULL lead vocal.

billyh 14:02:25  
Gotta' go soon so shall we wrap things up in a few minutes or so ?

filledeplage  14:02:47  
DD&B was my era! You guys were SO cute, and it seems crazy to even write this years later but they were the real "heart-throbs" of every teen-aged girl in America!

Donna 14:02:48  
Ditto EPN

esq 14:02:50  
"One More Night Alone"… great song

billyh 14:02:51  
It's fun for me too, EPN

Susan Profile 14:03:05  
So, Billy - the Carl piece, the DW/DDB work...anything else in the hopper r= ight now?

EPN 14:03:12  
This chat is a pure delight. I'm honored to be able to chat with you Billy. It's a big thrill

Donna 14:03:35  
An honor Billy.....

Emdeeh Profile 14:03:42  
EPN, three before GDTM -- "Pom Pom Playgirl," two verses of "Louie, Louie," and "All Dressed for School."

billyh 14:03:56  
Thx DB - what HUGE HONOR to have CW sing it - OMG - when I heard it for the first time, the top of my head almost came off (I was wearing headsets) ...=

Andrew Profile 14:03:59  
Thanks Billy!

EPN 14:04:05  
I hope you can do these chats more often and convince other's from the band= to do this...let them know we don't bite ;)

Emdeeh Profile 14:04:43  
Billy, I am so impressed with the growth you show in your video work, from project to project.

billyh 14:04:46  
none of them know how to type ---- KIDDING !@#$%^

filledeplage  14:04:54  
Thank you, Billy. Hope to see you perform live one of these days!

Donna 14:04:42  
Thanks to Susan for hosting this....Kudos babe!

Susan Profile 14:04:55  
Thank you all for coming along - and thank you, Billy, for making yourself available. Congrats on this very successful project!

EPN 14:05:14  
LOL @ Billy!!

Rand Richard Profile 14:05:21  
OMNA should have been the single from “Youngblood”!

billyh 14:05:23  
thx Emdeeh - it's really a learning process for me too. I'm *supposed* to g= et better, right ?

EPN 14:05:51  
Billy you've given so much today and we appreciate it!!

esq 14:06:19  
Look for a q&a in the next ESQ with Billy and Ed Roach, plus extra cool= pix from that 1974 tour from Ed. Andrew Doe will be reviewing the DVD.

EPN 14:06:48  
esq is your mag available anywhere other than mail order now? I used to get= it at Tower Records years ago

Rand Richard Profile 14:06:57  
THANK YOU BILLY... the pleasure has been ours!

EPN 14:06:57  
Yes, thanks to Susan too!

Donna 14:07:03  
Thanks Billy and Susan...very cool!

Emdeeh Profile 14:07:19  
Looking forward to it, esq! Thanks to Susan and Billy for this chat session= .

Susan Profile 14:07:21  
And to Andrew - he really runs this place. I just post info and ask a few questions!

esq 14:07:27  
Billy… I'm resonating ;-)

EPN 14:07:36  
Andrew you're "da man!" ;)

billyh 14:07:40  
Au revoir, auf viedersehen, adios, mabuhay, takk, salamat - I'm outa' here = !!!

jukka Profile 14:07:45  
A big thank you Bill, I very much look forward to seeing the film!

Emdeeh Profile 14:08:02  
Yes, and thanks to our gracious host, Andrew!

Lee Roy Profile 14:08:06  

EPN 14:08:18  
Will keep up the chat about the DVD on the boards...making sure all fans kn= ow!!

Emdeeh Profile 14:08:21  
Bye, BH!

filledeplage 14:08:24  
Thanks Susan and Andrew!

Rand Richard Profile 14:08:32  
IT is really cool!

EPN 14:08:32  
Bye Billy!!!

Susan Profile 14:08:52  
I have a lot on my plate at the moment, but I will try to get to the transc= ript soon. Thanks again, everyone - this was fun!

esq 14:09:44  
Use this link to subscribe to ESQ:

Rand Richard Profile 14:09:48  

jukka Profile 14:10:33  
And thanks to Andy & Susie babe, hopefully.

Andrew Profile 14:10:53  
Cheers everyone

esq 14:11:34  
Everyone, be sure to purchase Billy's DVD, worth every minute

Susan Profile 14:14:55  
My pleasure, folks. Have a good day.

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