“Cuckoo Clock”

                                                                 (Brian Wilson/Gary Usher)




F#                                              D#m                            G#m                                   C#

We knew it must have been late, we had no time to wait. I went to light the fireplace, I planned it all this way, and

                                                (Tick-Tock)                    (Tick-Tock)                       (Tick-Tock)

F#                                D#m                             G#m                                          C#

I snuggled close to her, her heart began to purr. I held my breath inside, and then I put my arms around her

                                    (Tick-Tock)                  (Tick-Tock)                               (Tick-Tock)



B                                      F#                                                    B                                                 C#

Cuckoo,cuckoo(go away silly bird).Cuckoo,cuckoo(go away silly bird).Cuckoo,cuckoo(go away silly bird) Cuckoo,cuckoo


(Verse2) (same chords as first verse,and tick tocks are the same)


I put that birdie away, his cuckoo was gone to stay. We both apologized so I, forgave that doggone cuckoo.

I went back to her side, I had to swallow my pride. The fire had almost died away, we just got situated.




(Organ Solo over verse form)


(Verse3) (same chords except 8 bars instead of 16 like the rest)


I took that clock apart, I broke the cuckoo’s heart. He’ll never bother us again, we just forgot about him.


(Chorus to fade)



This song was said to been about Murry’s pet Mynah bird? J


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