“Heads You Win, Tails I lose”

                                                                    (Brian Wilson/Gary Usher)


(Intro) (Bass)

(A)            (F)                 (G)                 (E)              E7

Everytime, we have fight, we flip a coin, to see who’s right



A                                                  F#m                     A                                    F#m

Why do we have to gamble just to see who’s right?  Why cant we arbitrarily resolve a fight?

D                                               E                                    D                                                  E

But with you’re style of gamblin’ theres no chance to win. That’s how it is, and that’s the way its always been



F#m                 E                   F#m                  E               A

Heads you win, tails I lose.     Heads you win, tails I lose, bad move


(Verse2) (same chords as previous verse)

If we were playing cards you’d be the one to deal. You’d play with loaded dice and fix the roulette wheel

You pick ‘em at the races like I’ve never seen, And then you make me pay off like a slot machine





              D                                                   A                                                 D

Oh well, match me honey (match me honey).Take my money (take my money). You know the odds are yours(flip it baby)

      Bm               E

So flip,         the coin


(Verse3) (same chords as verse)

I’m gonna make some changes with this gamblin’ game. From now on I’m the dealer and I’ll do the same

I’ll load my dice and stack the deck and fix the odds again. So if you want to flip to see who’s right I know I’ll win


(Chorus) (Slight variation on words but same chords)

Heads I win, tails you lose. Heads I win, tails you lose, bad move






(Outro) repeat to fade


F#m              E

Heads I win,  tails you lose


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