Orange Crate Art

Van Dyke Parks
Intro: instrumental over verse chords

Verse 1:

         Eb          Bb  G/B    Cm       G+
        Orange crate art was a place to start
         Cm          G+         Ab     Eb+
        Orange crate art was a world apart
        Ab   /F  Bb/D /Bb  Eb      Abm6
        Home for two with view of Sonoma
        Eb/Bb           Abm6     G+    Db9 C9
        Where there's aroma and heart
        Cb9+5       Bb13             Eb6
        Memories of her orange crate art

Verse 2:

        Orange crate table and a rockin' chair
        Barnyard gate waiting some repair 
        Trust in late and sweet inspiration
        You could go bust to replace
        Just what is here by the case


                  Eb      G13  Db9-5  C9
        Hear the lonesome locomotion roar
        Cb9+5   Bb9        G7+5 C9 F7+5 Bb9
        Hobo hop on if you dare
                Eb          G13      Db9-5*     C9
        And it rolls where grapes of wrath are stored
        Cb9+5       Bb9        Eb
        Stops on a bracero's prayer

        * Db9 during instrumental repeat

Verse 3:

        From the vine of a vintage cru
        Comes the wine of this rendezvous
        Room for two in view of Sonoma
        Back when Ramona had heart
        Memories of her orange crate art

        (repeat bridge instrumentally)

        (repeat verse 3, first two lines instrumentally)

-- the only ace 90's tab from Andrew Rogers

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