"Wild Honey"

B. Wilson/M. Love


	G7     C/G
	/ / / / / / / /
	g.......G		<- theremin glissando

	  G7            C/G      G7                    C/G
	(Sweet sweet a honey bee     eat eat a bit of honey)

verse 1:

	G          C/G                         G            C/G
	Mama, I'm tellin' you as sure as I'm standin' here
	       G          C/G                                G        C/G
	She's my girl and that's the way I'm keepin' it, my mama dear
	    Am                       C
	No good would it do you to stand there and frown at me
	     Am                         C
	The girl's got my heart and my love's comin' down on me
	    Am                         D7                       G
	My life's kinda mellow since I    got a taste of wild honey

verse 2:

	You know she's got the sweetness of a honey bee
	Wild honey, she got it hard and stung me good, yessirree
	With all the other stud bees buzzin' all around her hive
	She singled me out, single-handed took me alive
	Can you dig it gonna take my life eatin' up her wild honey

(repeat intro)

organ solo:

	Em       D        C7       B7
	/ / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /    [2x]


	Oh, mama she's sweeter (gettin' sweeter)
	Sweeter (gettin' sweeter)
	Sweeter, sweeter, ah...

verse 3:

	Wild honey, oh let me tell you how she really got to my soul
	It ain't funny the way she makes me want to sing a little rock 'n roll
	There's nothing quite as sweet as a taste of wild honey
	I break my back workin' just to save me some money
	So I can spend my life with her... sock it to me, wild honey

(intro to fade)

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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