Brian Wilson/ Beach Boys FAQ

Version 3.25

July 21, 2013

Updates in this version
50th anniversary aftermath, Grammy awards, film news.

This FAQ is based on work by Mike Wheeler and Stratton Moraites. Additional information came from Beach Boys fans on the internet. It is now maintained by Andrew Gladwin. Please e-mail us at with any additions or changes.

The questions are grouped by page now, go to the relevant page link below.

1:The Basics

1a. Who is Brian Wilson?
1b. Who are the members of the Beach Boys?
1c. What happened to Dennis Wilson?
1d. What happened to Carl Wilson?
1e. What are Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys up to these days?
1f. Will the Beach Boys reunite for their 50th anniversary
1g. What other family does Brian Wilson have?
1h. How can I talk with other fans of the Beach Boys?
1i. Where can I find other information about the Beach Boys and their music?
1j. Can I contact any members of the Beach Boys directly on the internet?

2: The Records

2a. Where should I start my collection of Beach Boys and related music?
2b. What is the current availability of Beach Boys music?
2c. What is the current availability of Brian Wilson's solo music and other solo efforts by members of the Beach Boys?
2d. Where can I buy Beach Boys and related music?
2e. Which Beach Boys material has recently been (re)-released?
2f. What bootlegs should I buy?
2g. Where can I find lyrics to Beach Boys songs?
2h. Where can I find sheet music for the Beach Boys?

3: "Lost" Albums

3a. Why is SMiLE often regarded as the greatest "lost album" by any band?
3b. Why was SMiLE not released in 1967?
3c. What is the SMiLE material that is now being performed and released?
3d. Was Landlocked another great "lost" album?
3e. What was Adult Child?
3f. What was Sweet Insanity?
3g. What were the Paley sessions?

4: Tours and Musicians

4a. What can I expect to hear at a Brian Wilson concert?
4b. What can I expect to hear at a concert performed by the Beach Boys
4c. Which musicians are currently touring with the Beach Boys?
4d. Where can I find touring dates for Brian Wilson/Beach Boys and related acts?
4e. Who played on the Beach Boys albums?

5: Odds and Ends

5a. What lawsuits has Mike set up against Brian?
5b. How is Charlie Manson affiliated with the Beach Boys?
5c. What Beach Boys fan clubs and fan 'zines exist?
5d. What books are available on the Beach Boys?
5e. What is that song John Stamos does in Full House?
5f. What do the Barenaked Ladies mean by "lying in bed like Brian Wilson"?
5g. Which acts have been influenced by Brian Wilson/Beach Boys?
5h. Have the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson ever won a Grammy award?
5i. Who was Dr. Landy and where is he now?
5j. Are there going to be movies about Brian and Dennis Wilson soon?

6: This Site (Web Page for Brian Wilson)

6a. When was this site opened?
6b. Does it have any official connection to Brian Wilson?
6c. Who is responsible for the content of this site?
6d. What is the purpose of the webboard?
6e. What guidelines are there for posting on the webboard?
6f. What can you tell me about the chat on this site?
6g. Whom do I e-mail if I have a question?
6h. Are you on Facebook and Twitter?