Beach Boys Chords

There are now four sections to this page
Francis Greene's complete guitar tabs
Other guitar and piano tabs
Sheet music
Vocal Harmony charts

I must thank everyone who contributed and helped with these, especially Andrew Rogers ,Eiji Morisaki, John, Rui Afonso, Makoto Mizuguchi, Peter Eybert, Joel, Takumu Ono and Francis Greene. If you have any songs that are not covered here, or even an alternative version, please forward them to us at

Francis Greene's complete guitar tabs

Francis Greene was one of the original contributors of the site. He eventually compiled a website containing tabs for virtually all the Beach Boys songs (including solo), called Slightly American Music, but this has now gone down. However, all of his files are now on the cabin classified under the different albums. Note that each album page also contains "bonus tracks" including additional songs not on the album but dating from the period around the release of the album. If a song appears on more than one album, it is normally under the album of first appearance.

Beach Boys Albums

Surfin' Safari

Surfin' USA

Surfer Girl

Little Deuce Coupe

Shut Down Volume 2

All Summer Long

Christmas Album



Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)

Beach Boys Party

Pet Sounds

SMiLE (Beach Boys versions)

Smiley Smile

Wild Honey



Landlocked (unreleased songs from 1969-70)


Surf's Up

Carl And The Passions-So Tough


15 Big Ones

Love You

Adult Child (unreleased songs from late 70s)

Merry Christmas (unreleased songs from late 70s)

California Feeling (unreleased songs from late 70s)

M.I.U. Album

L.A. (Light Album)

Keepin' The Summer Alive

Beach Boys (1985 album)

Still Cruisin'

Summer In Paradise

Brian Wilson Solo Albums

Wilson/Usher (unreleased songs from the mid 80s)

Brian Wilson (first solo album)

Sweet Insanity (unreleased solo album)

Wilson/Paley (unreleased songs from the mid 90s)


Other Solo Albums

Pacific Ocean Blue

Carl Wilson (first solo album)


Looking Back With Love

Other guitar and piano tabs

These are charts of songs not covered by Francis Greene, piano tabs and alternative versions of songs also done by Francis.

Complete albums

Christmas Album(original songs)

Brian Wilson

Sweet Insanity



That Lucky Old Sun

That Lucky Old Sun (as word document)

Individual songs

A Thing Or Two
Angel Come Home
Aren't You Glad
Ballad Of Ole' Betsy
Bicycle Rider
California Girls
Can't Wait Too Long
Caroline, No
Carry Me Home
Cherry Cherry Coupe
Child Is Father To The Man
Country Air
Cuckoo Clock
Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
Don't Worry Baby
The First Time
God Only Knows
Goin' South
Good Vibrations
Guess I'm Dumb
Heads You Win, Tails I Lose
Here Comes The Night
Here Today
Heroes And Villians
How She Boogalooed It
I'd Love Just Once To See You
I Get Around
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
I Know There's An Answer
I Love To Say Da Da
I'm Waiting For The Day
Island Girl
It's Over Now for piano
I Wanna Be Around/Friday Night
Little Deuce Coupe
Little Girl (You're My Miss America)
The Little Girl I Once Knew
Livin' With A Heartache
Little Pad (ukulele tab here)
Lonely Sea
Lookin' At Tomorrow (Flash paper)
Love Surround Me
Midnight's Another Day
Morning Christmas for piano
Oh Darling
Ol'Man River
On Christmas Day
Orange Crate Art
Our Prayer
Pet Sounds
Piano Variations On Thoughts Of You (piano)
Pom Pom Play Girl
Sail On Sailor
Sail On Sailor (Zipped Flash Paper, Midis and Notes)
She's Goin' Bald
Soulful Old Man Sunshine
Still I Dream Of It
Surfin' Safari
Thank Him For Our Love
That's Not Me
That's Why God Made The Radio
Then I Kissed Her
This Isn't Love
Thoughts Of You (piano)
Trombone Dixie
Wake The World
When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)
Wild Honey
With Me Tonight
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Wouldn't It Be Nice To Live Again
You're Welcome
Your Imagination for piano

Check out Andrew Rogers extensive page of tabs.

Sheet Music

Prepared by Linden Reko with help from Darian Sahanaja and Probyn Gregory from Brian's band.
Our Prayer (word doc)
Gee (pdf file)
Windchimes for piano

Vocal Harmony Charts

Alan Deane, a musician who has played with Captain and Tennille, has done extensive vocal harmony charts for some of the Beach Boys better known songs. These can now be found at Alan would love to hear from you; you can contact him at

Vocal transcripts by Warren Barbour.
A Young Man Is Gone
And Your Dream Comes True
Auld Lang Syne
Don't Worry Baby
'Til I Die
Our Prayer
The Lord's Prayer
Wouldn't It Be Nice

Please Let Me Wonder by Love To Say Mama
Transcription of the vocal harmonies on this song.

Keepin' The Summer Alive by Matthew Burgess
Transcription of the vocal harmonies on this song.

Graduation Day by Mutsushi Tsuji
Transcription of the vocal harmonies on this song.