Beach Boys Writings

These were written by members of the Pet Sounds Mailing List or the internet community at large. If you have anything that you would like to see on this page please forward it to us at
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Excerpt from "Catch A Wave" by Peter Carlin
Excerpt from this new and highly rated book

40 Reasons why Pet Sounds is the Greatest Album Ever by Andrew Gladwin
Written on the 40th anniversary

Pet Sounds 30th Anniversary Tribute by Andrew Gladwin
..and written on the 30th anniversary

The Discoveries 100 by Steve Webb (note:word document)
Textus's 100 greatest recordings (including Pet Sounds)

Musical, Literary, and Historic References in Brian Wilson’s SMiLE by Tom Tobben (note:word document)
Extensive list of references in SMiLE

Smile, Smile... SMiLE by Greg Panfile
Greg celebrates SMiLE on its release in 2004

Brian Wilson Tosses Us a Carrot: My Thoughts on Smile at 1:45 a.m. by Kurt Sampsel
A different view on SMiLE and Smiley Smile

Guess You Know I've Waited -- Summer Days Finally Gets Its Due by Bill Reynolds (note:word document)
Was Summer Days the Beach Boys' greatest moment

Brian Wilson- Genius or Hard Working Guy? by Jonathan Courtney (note: word document, table of contents here)
In depth academic essay including interview with Andy Paley

God Only Knows by Tony Hume
Some thoughts on Paul McCartney's favorite song

Search For Smile by Ben Matulich
In-depth look at Smile in the light of Brian's 2004 Smile tour

Brian And I by Ralph Brown
2002 interview with Brian in the UK

If Earth Had Life On It. by Michael Layne Heath
Focus on the controversial "Love You! album - a perspective on why some people love it!

On The Issue of Brian Writing his own Charts. by Carol Kaye as related to Gus Russo
First hand recollections from the Wrecking Crew days.

Smile by Scot Livingston
Was Smile better because it was unfinished?

Pet Sound In Stereo by Greg Panfile
Expert insights into Pet Sounds

Smile, Frown, Sigh by Greg Panfile
Greg Panfile's view on Smile

How Long Will The Wind Blow? by Aaron Heisler
The Surf's Up album revisited.

Tales Of An Alternative History by Jason C Carnevale
A fascinating "parallel universe" history.

On The Pet Sounds Sessions by peter/
A in-depth and personal insight.

On Brian Wilson and Paul Simon, with other comments by peter/
More TNT show insight plus other topics.

Brian Got It Right! by Joe Hayes
Insightful reflections on the TNT tribute and Brian's genius.

Brian Got It Right,AGAIN! by JM Hayes
Follow-up to the above on Smile.

Brian's Supreme Moments(s) by Rino Breebaart
In depth analysis looking at the end of "Surf's Up".

“Yesterday and Today” recall may well have butchered “Pet Sounds” by Steve Webb
A fascinating and credible analysis.

Alan Jardine: We salute you! by Tammy Stinnett and Joe Foster
Tribute to the "other" Beach Boy.

Dennis Wilson Tribute by Tammy Stinnett and Adrian Cork
A look at the Beach Boy who lived too fast and died way too soon.

Love vs. Wilson by Michael S. Kenny
A first hand account of Mike's songwriting lawsuit against Brian.

Mind of Brian 1: God Only Knows by Greg Panfile
Mind of Brian 2: The Lonely Sea by Greg Panfile
Mind of Brian 3: Good Vibrations by Greg Panfile
Mind of Brian 4: Surfer Girl by Greg Panfile
Mind of Brian 5: Fun, Fun, Fun by Greg Panfile
Mind of Brian 6: The Warmth Of The Sun by Greg Panfile
Mind of Brian 7: In My Room by Greg Panfile
Mind of Brian 8: Caroline No by Greg Panfile
Mind of Brian 9: Don't Worry Baby by Greg Panfile
In depth analyses of songs by Brian Wilson.

Book Reviews by Steven Dunn
Brief book reviews, feel free to contribute one of your own.

The Nearest Faraway Place by Dan Caine
A review of the book by Timothy White

Brian Wilson: An Adlerian Analysis by Michael De Bernardi
A Freudian Interpretation of Brian Wilson's Life by Michael De Bernardi
Psychological analyses of Brian Wilson.

Heroes And Villains by Paul Williams
Why "Heroes And Villians" is one of the "100 Greatest Singles of All Time".

Heroes And Villains by Domenic Priore
An excerpt regarding the history of "Heroes And Villains" from Priore's book.

Non-Beach Boy, Brian Wilson Productions compiled by Steven Dunn
Extensive list of music Brian worked on without the Beach Boys.

Quotes compiled by Mike Wheeler
Intriguing, funny and shocking quotes from and about the Beach Boys.

Singles compiled by Mike Wheeler
List of Beach Boys singles, release date, chart positions, label.

Don't Talk by Mike Wheeler and Scott Rhoades
Noises and oddities in Beach Boys songs.

Don't Talk 2 by Terry Whitt
Further noises and oddities in Beach Boys songs.

Beach Boys Catalogue by Steven Dunn
List of Beach Boys related CDs sold by Tower Records

100 Greatest Albums by MOJO Magazine
According to the editors, "Pet Sounds" is tops.

Smile Mailing List Album Poll by Paul MacArthur
Favorite albums of subscribers to the Beach Boys Mailing List.

OOPSing Beach Boys Songs by Sean Courtney
The effects of applying out-of-phase-stereo to Beach Boys songs.

"Smile" Tracks by Steven Dunn
A summary of the songs intended for "Smile".

An archive of some of the interesting threads on the Net Sounds message board

Research on Al and dental school
Candix numbers
Wild Honey: The Forgotten Masterpiece
Stephen Desper threads
More Stephen Desper threads (thanks to Dan Lega)
What is it that makes Brian so special?
Why women don't like the Beach Boys....or do they?
The eternal "Love You!" debate
If you could express your feelings to Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson and Christianity
Birthday Greetings to Brian from this Website-2000
Smile Discussion