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This is a list of Beach Boys related bootlegs. The order of the list is approximately chronological based on the primary focus of the material.

Due to the nature of this list I am unable to give credit directly to everyone who has contributed. But this list could not have happened without them.

The bootlegs are rated in terms of sound quality and value by the person contributing the list. Keep in mind these ratings are very subjective and just one person's opinion.

Disclaimer: Bootlegs are illegal. This site does not take a view on the morality of bootlegs (yeah, cop-out I know). We have this section as we acknowledge the importance of unreleased material in gaining a scholarly insight into Brian and the Beach Boys. However, this is NOT (repeat NOT) a trading site, and I will not respond to any e-mails asking how to get hold of a particular bootleg (this is the only thing that slightly annoys the webmasters) :). Thank-you, love and mercy!

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The Beach Boys

Journals Part 1; CD REM 09-16
Journals Part 2; CD REM 17-24
Long Lost Surf Songs, Volume 1
Long Lost Surf Songs, Volume 2
Long Lost Surf Songs, Volume 3;Silver Rarities; SIRA 151
Long Lost Surf Songs, Volume 4
Long Lost Surf Songs, Volume 5
Long Lost Surf Songs, Volume 6
Rarities on Compact Disc Volume 2; Wilson
Unreleased Gems; Polyphone PH 1303
Sun, Surf, and Balloons; Polyphone PH 1304
From The Vaults; SIAE DA.CD-5001
Help Me, Rhonda; Black Park BP141
Time To Get Alone; Silver Shadow CD 9316-2
Capitol Punishment; Spank 143, 144
Summer Sounds (and Pet Sessions); Invasion Unlimited (IU 9410-1)
A Capitol Offense; (IU 9410-1)
Leggo My Ego; Spank 140, 141, 142
Pet Sounds Rehearsals; Yellow Dog Records YD 029
Dave Prokopy's "Pet Sounds" Tape Set
Pet Sounds Sampler
The Alternate Pet Sounds Sampler;Spank 140
Mike Love, Not War; Spank; CD108
Live From Michigan State University; Golden Collections 3
Heroes And Villains Sessions One And Two; Wilson Records SURF 001
Smile; T-9002; 3 LPs
Smile + Smile (Bits And Pieces); T 2580
Smile; Vigotone VIGO 110, 111
Alive And Smiling;SPHINX SXCD 010
Dave Prokopy's "Smile" Tape Set released 1995
Dave Prokopy's "Smile" Tape Set released June, 1996
The Smile Era Outtakes; Quality Products Productions QCP 67001
Smile; The Early Years 02-CD 3317
Smile;Chapter One; CO 25145
Smile;Magik Unikorn Music 1998
Smile And Smiley;SMI-MAI
Smile (The Definitive Version );Wilson Records BB001
Good Vibrations: Smile; Sphinx Records SXCD 011
Heroes and Vibrations; VigOtone, VT-163
Lei'd In Hawaii Rehearsal; Vigotone VIGO 133
Aloha From Hawaii & Hollywood;Spank SP-147
Rarities Volume 1;Dumb Angel DA002
Rarities Volume 2 (1969-1971) ;Dumb Angel DA003
(Live) Rarities Volume 9 (1962-1972);Dumb Angel DA010
(Live) Rarities Volume 10 ;Dumb Angel DA011
(Live) Rarities Volume 11 ;Dumb Angel DA012
(Live) Rarities Volume 12 ;Dumb Angel DA013
Goodbye Surfing, Hello God;Vigotone VT238/242
Landlocked (Original Mix 1970); CDADD9009-2
Landlocked The Last Capital Album & More ('64-'72); Invasion Unlimited IU 9416-1
Landlocked (And More); Polyphone PH 1303
Landlocked/Adult Child; Frontline FLCD 17
Sunflower And More; Boys001A
The Beach Boys-In Concert 64/71; no label name 7105/6411
Live At The Fillmore East; Old Glory Records, 300 Series
Famous U.S. Marches and No Rock and Roll; Moonlight; ML 9507
Cool Water
It's About Time; SCORPIO; SIAE 64-B-1410/11
Beach Boys Live at Madison Square Garden November 1972; 'Resurfin' USA' 2609
Do It Again; Triangle Records PYCD 054
The Beach Boys Meet The Grateful Dead; Capricorn (CR-2046)
Live At Big Sur; Murry 1001
East Coast Pipeline; Head
Trader Goes To Nassau; Bellbottom; BB7401/02
California Feeling; Polyphone PH 1315
We Got Love; Archivo Records ARC 028
Rarities on Compact Disc, Volume 1;
Rarities on Compact Disc, Volume 3;Wilson Records
Rarities Volume 3 (1972-1976);Dumb Angel DA004
Rarities Volume 4 (1976-1977);Dumb Angel DA005
26 Big Ones;Popmeister POP-018
Adult Child;Brother
Surfin' Rarities Volume 2; Silver Rarities; SIRA 156
Surfin' Rarities Volume 3; Silver Rarities; SIRA 157
Surfin' Rarities Volume 4; Silver Rarities
Surfin' Rarities Volume 6; Silver Rarities SIRA 160
Rockin' Rarities; GEMA HB 002
Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys; Frontline (FLCD-14)
Brian's Back (He Love's You!); Invasion Unlimited IU 9421-1
Brian Loves You;
Live At Central Park, Sept. 1977;
New Album;Making Waves (Collectors Series # 1)
California Feeling;Brother 1976
California Feeling;Making Waves (Collectors Series # 4)
California Feeling;Brother Sun-3329
At The CBS Convention Live; Brother Records; BR 1977
Surf's Down; Running Bear Records; RB 0011
Surfin' Down Under; Rock Calender Records; RC 2129, 2130
Everyone's in love with your; Days of Harvest DH-009
Rarities Volume 5 (1978);Dumb Angel DA006
Rarities Volume 6 (1978-1983);Dumb Angel DA007
Knebworth 1980; Mistral Music; MM 9104
Surf Killers; Live Life; LL CD 9105
Live U.S.A.;Imtrat Medienvertrieb Music; imm 40.90160
Keepin' The Summer Live;Bellbottom025
The Cocaine Sessions;01125 TV
On The Beach; Dynamite Studio; DS94J094
American Birthday Party; Rock Calender Records; RC 2131
All Summer Long; Triangle Records; PYCD 083
Fun, Fun, Fun With Jimmy Page; Sugarcane Records; SC 52021/22
Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys -- Solo; Polyphone PH 1316
Beach Boys 2 ( Live USA ); LSD Records; LC 6369
Best Vibrations; STAR 07 2CD
Rarities Volume 7 (1984-1989) ;Dumb Angel DA008
Golden Collection;
30th Anniversary Show; SIAE; BBL-92001/2
Lived 1993; Superstar Concert Series; SCS-03
Patch Sounds;
A Bakers Dozen;
Rarities Volume 8 (1990-1998) ;Dumb Angel DA009

Sea Of Tunes (Beach Boys in the 60s)

Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1 (1962) The Alternate Surfin' Safari Album; Sea of Tunes C9703
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2 (1963) The Alternate Surfin' USA Album; Sea of Tunes C9704
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 3 (1963) The Alternate Surfer Girl Album; Sea of Tunes C9705
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4 (1963) Miscellaneous Trax; Sea of Tunes C9706/7
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 5 (1964) Miscellaneous Trax Vol.2; Sea of Tunes C9811
Christmas Sessions The Alternate Beach Boys Christmas Album ; Sea of Tunes C9708/9/10
The Beach Boys Live In Sacramento, 1964 First Show and Rehearsal ; Sea of Tunes C9701
The Beach Boys Live In Sacramento, 1964 Second Show and Vocal Overdubs ; Sea of Tunes C9702
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 6 (1964) The Alternate All Summer Long Album; Sea of Tunes C9812/3/4
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7 (1964) The Alternate Beach Boys Today Album Vol. 1; Sea of Tunes C9815/16/17/18
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 8 (1965) The Alternate Beach Boys Today Album Vol. 2; Sea of Tunes C9819/20/21/22
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 9 (1965) The Alternate Summer Days (And Summer Nights!) Album ; Sea of Tunes C9705
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 10 (1965) The Alternate Beach Boys Party Album; Sea of Tunes C98027/28/29/30
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 11 (1965) Miscellaneous Trax Vol. 3 ; Sea of Tunes C9831/32
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 12 (1965) Sloop John B Sessions + Radio Spots ; Sea of Tunes C9833/34
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 13 (1966) The Alternate Pet Sounds Album Vol.1 ; Sea of Tunes C9835/36/37/38
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 14 (1966) The Alternate Pet Sounds Album Vol.2 ; Sea of Tunes C9839/40/41/42
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 15 (1966) Good Vibrations; Sea of Tunes C9946/47/48
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 16 (1966-1967) Smile; Sea of Tunes C9949
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 17 (1966-1967) Smile Sessions; Sea of Tunes C9950/51/52
Beach Boys Live Box (1966) Two shows at University Of Michigan, 10/22/66
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 18 (1967) The Alternate Smiley Smile Album; Sea of Tunes C9953
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 19 (1967) The Alternate Wild Honey Album; Sea of Tunes C9954/55
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 20 (1968-1969) Friends, 20/20 and Odds & Ends Alternates ; Sea of Tunes C9956/57
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 21 (1965) Today & Summer Days And Summer Nights Stereo version with bonus tracks

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson Sessions; CEDREM sound lab, CD-25,26,27,28,29,30A,30B
Still I Dream Of You; Jasrac MMCD-409
Brian Wilson: Back To Basics; Master Mixx Ent. MME-195
Brian Loves You; RT 4661
In My Room; Invasion Unlimited 9422-1
The Wilson Project; Invasion Unlimited IU 9419-1
21 Little Ones; Vigotone VIGO 151
Brian Wilson's Party!; BWL 001
Sweet Insanity Sessions; Scorpio,BR 9202
"Sweet Insanity" Outtakes; Invasion Unlimited IU 9418-1
Sweet Insanity; Vigotone VIGO112
Sweet Insanity; Invasion Unlimited IU 9305-1
Sweet Insanity; Ocean Records ORP-98001/2
Sweet Insanity (Special Edition); Ocean, ORP-98001/2
Summer Passes By; Master Mixx Entertainment
Dream Comes True; SIBW-0970D
Come Back, Brian; Vigotone VIGO 125
Brian's Back (and he's pissed); Parrington Records: PR 168
Landylocked; Geritol ST-62042
Brian Wilson - Rare Trax; High Quality Records HQR971BWRT
Brian Wilson at the Michigan Theater; Sweel Records

Dennis Wilson

Dreamer; Ciscodisc
Bamboo; (ST 1444)
Denny Remembered; Wilson Records; SURF 002, SURF 004

Carl Wilson

Live From The Bottomline 1981; Wild Street WS 003